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During your Summer Break

During the summer break

We encourage our students to take it easy but it can be quite a shock to stop playing all together for three weeks and then suddenly pick back up where you left off. Even playing 1 scale or doing a run-through of your performance piece is helpful.

You can also try to pick out the melody of your favorite pop song! Give your fine-motor skills and your brain this short-term visit together instead of creating a long length of time between practice sessions/lessons. This keeps your skills alive, rather than starting all over again in the fall. 

Singing on Pitch

When learning to sing on pitch, each child takes in the information and processes it differently.

Each lesson is carefully crafted to give the kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learners opportunities to experience the lesson through their strongest learning style. Hearing the two pitches sung, singing the pitches themselves, associating the two pitches with a familiar song, and moving their hands up and down while they sing are perfect examples of how one activity reaches each learning style.


When a child experiences success through their dominant learning style, they gain confidence and learning is strengthened and accelerated. In the music class environment, they grow in their ability to sing through all ways of learning.