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Welcome! Put some sparkle into your year 2024! Choose your Music, Dance or Art Class below. Our classes are in high demand and we’d like to prioritize you! Contact us for your FREE First Lesson. Enrollment is ongoing throughout the current school year. Here’s the latest update.

  • OUR PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS, MUSIC CLASSES and DANCE ACADEMY CLASSES  and ART CLASSES are at near-capacity. This is a very busy New Year’s registration season. It’s not too late! Registration is year-round. Contact us today to save your spot for the coming Season!
  • NEW and CURRENT Families enjoy staying up-to-date with Myriad’s fun events, students’ accomplishments and progress in Myriad Monthly Newsletter
  • Our students enjoy a cleaner-than-ever-before learning environment with sanitizing stations and medical-grade air purification system in every classroom & lobby.


Limited Spots Available



There are so many life skills that I have learned from the piano, some that I just take for granted. I have learned how to learn faster, and how to recognize different patterns in music, math, and science.



Natalie is both a dancer and a pianist at Myriad!



I like playing the piano and playing the clock game!”

The Myriad Music School & Dance Academy has taught thousands of students since it was established in 1997

A community favorite, our school provides a magical staircase approach to curriculum,
ensuring success and confidence in all music and dance skills, from our youngest to our most advanced students.

Myriad graduates have continued on to esteemed universities

such as Berkeley, Boston University, Stanford, UCLA, Cornell, Columbia, Barnard, Brown, American University, NYU and other reputable schools. Some graduates have chosen to major / minor in music or dance degrees. We celebrate all of our students’ future endeavors!

Brand New To Music Lessons or Dance Classes?

Find out what you need to know before making a great choice! 

Music For All Ages

Music For All Ages

We offer smart choices for smart parents looking to give their children a positive, successful experience in their music classes and private lessons. Programs for all ages: Kids, Teens, Adults and Preschoolers too!

Dance For All Ages

Dance For All Ages

There are classes for all ages & levels. This is the perfect cozy, non-intimidating, environment for dancers to create something special together – a quality dance program that is a great fit for kids, teens and adults!

Art For All Ages

Art For All Ages

Quality visual arts program with small classes. Explore the mediums of watercolors, air-dry clay and oil pastels through well-designed art lessons, and be a part of an exciting art show this year! Artists will create something special together each week!

School Info

School Info

All about our school. For New Families & Current Families

Parent Resources

Parent Resources

How do I start lessons or classes? What does Year Round Mean? What you can expect as a parent? The care we place in your child’s arts education

SUMMER 2024 Camps & Classes

Registration is open NOW for all Summer Music Camps & Dance Camps & Summer Classes in San Mateo and surrounding areas !

We are ready for enthusiastic campers of all ages this Summer! Choose your Summer Music Camp, Summer Dance Camp,  Summer Music Classes , or Summer Dance Classes. REGISTER TODAY to reserve your spot in our Summer Programs 2024! Myriad has a long tradition these past 20 years of cozy summer camp fun for Bay Area Kids of all music and dance interests. Our Summer Camps have always had a small student to teacher ratio, with lots of attention for each student. In addition to Summer Camps, choose a summer-themed Summer Music Classes or Summer Dance Classes. Older students will love the experience they will gain through our Summer Leadership In Training Camps.

We are looking forward to seeing your children become more confident, playing and dancing their way through summer, making friends and learning new skills. All of Myriad’s Summer Music and Dance Camps & Summer Classes utilize indoor and outdoor classroom spaces and multiple classrooms are in rotation, keeping the environment stimulating, varied and dynamic all summer long! REGISTER TODAY to reserve your spot in our Summer Programs 2024!

DANCE EVENTS: Held this spring in College of San Mateo’s Theater, this is the perfect mid-sized theater experience venue for our dancers, ages preschool through teens. Welcome to ‘CITY LIGHTS,’ with colors, lights, story-telling and choreography from all of Myriad’s dancers! Travel to the world’s iconic cities, and the thrill of the vibrant events that take place in these exciting settings! Thank you to Teachers Amanda, Mattea, Olivia and Amytza for their inspiring creativity and can-do positivity all year long!

MUSIC EVENTS: The “Spring In Your Step” Music Performance Events feature Myriad’s Private Lesson & Team Musicians, ages 6 & Older. Piano Students, Guitar Students, Singers, Ukulele Players, Violin Students and Flute Students! All students prepare first in our school-wide Workshop Week, a gentle dress-rehearsal week, organized by small group classes, allowing each musician to find their voice and confidence, in preparation for their spring performance events. Ages 9 ~ Adults / Early Intermediate – Advanced Level Students perform in the Spring Concerts, held in our cozy off-site venue in the Belmont hills. Performers have a choice of 3 dates, with many concert times to choose from. Ages 6-10 Elementary Level Students perform in our Spring Playing Parties, which are gentle, fun, small-sized, performance classes held on-site at Myriad, on our very own stage! This is an invitation for Private Lesson and Team Students to celebrate all they have accomplished during the past school year. Medals and awards are presented at all events, complete with a festive photo booth for all! Sign-ups are through SignUpGenius. See you there!

Upcoming Events at Myriad

Our Students are Excited, working on their projects & goals ~ It’s Not Too Late to Join!

ART Classes Begin!
February 2024

DANCE: Black & White Ball Filming Event
Feb 6-Mar 2

MUSIC Foundations: Family Sharing Week
Mar 4-9

Popcorn Week:
Student Appreciation Event
Mar 4-9

MUSIC: Bonus Fun Improvisation Class
Mar 16

April 1-6

Workshop Week for All Teams & Private Lesson Students
May 6-11

DANCE: Spring Showcase Performance
May 19

MUSIC: Spring Concerts
May 30 – June 1

MUSIC: Playing Parties
June 8-9

Latest News

Summer Music Camps

Summer Music Camps

Summer music camps at Myriad Music School and Dance Academy offer a plethora of benefits for aspiring musicians, providing a unique and immersive...

Learning The Guitar

Learning The Guitar

Start with the Basics: At Myriad Music School, learning the guitar can be a fun and amazing process. Begin by learning the fundamental aspects of...

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker

“The Nutcracker” is a beloved ballet that has become a timeless holiday tradition. Originally choreographed by Marius Petipa and Lev...

Performing arts education for all ages at one location!

We have dance classes and music lessons at a variety of times so that you can book classes for different children at the same time to save you hours of driving and waiting time.

Sparkle & Shine this Year!
15 Benefits for YOU at Myriad

FREE First Lesson

  1. All students NEW to Myriad enjoy a FREE first lesson or class upon continued enrollment. Contact us today. We want to learn more about you, your child, your music / dance goals. Let’s match you to a day and time that works for your family so you can enjoy your FREE first lesson.

Myriad’s Three Goal Mission

2. Myriad’s Mission delivers to all our students and their families! Our Mission is three-fold.

  • The first goal is to have fun, and lots of it!!
  • The second goal is to help each student discover their own unique voice / style as a musician or dancer.
  • The third goal is to foster smart musicians and dancers for a lifetime!

Celebrating Students

3. We celebrate you! Students’ milestones are tracked and acknowledged through awards throughout the year and at Myriad’s many performance events.

Unlimited Make-ups

4. Unlimited Make-Up Courtesies for active, registered students! We know life is busy, and we do our best to encourage consistency, while offering flexibility.

Top-Notch Clean Facility & Books Provided

5. Our music classrooms and dance studio are well-lit, equipped with the best technology, are full of multi-sensory resources, and are distraction-free with sound-dampened walls to allow for maximum focus during lessons.

6. You receive books, sheet-music and all learning materials in-house! We stock a full music library with the best, expert resources on the market. No need to go shopping for your own books or supplies.

Level 2 classes

Small Class Sizes

7. The focus is on your child. Small class sizes have always been a Myriad standard. With a maximum 10:1 student-teacher ratio, our instructors take great care to know each student personally.

Quality Private Lessons

8. You’ll receive an outstanding, unique private music lesson experience at Myriad. Private music lessons are a treasured time with a caring mentor each week. Your teacher is university trained in their art, while also delivering a warm, caring experience each lesson. We deliver a fun, researched, well-rounded approach, teach all musical styles, and hold over 40 performance events annually.

Modern Healthy Approach

9. Receive lasting benefits from Myriad’s informed, researched, healthy approach. Avoid wasted time, out-dated approaches and injuries. If you are a new music or dance student, before anything else, you need the right, smart foundations, not out-dated approaches. We provide the tools to help families avoid unnecessary distractions.

What Families Have to Say about Myriad…

Myriad Music School is simply wonderful

Myriad Music School is simply wonderful

Myriad Music School is simply wonderful. The teachers there have passed along their extensive knowledge and passion for music to my children in such a way that I know they will be able to truly enjoy making music for the rest of their lives. The teaching methods used at Myriad are effective and fun. My kids LOVE Myriad!

Maren / Mom

Thank you to the staff and instructors at Myriad

We are all LOVING Myriad Music. The fact that we are able to get lessons for 3 family members in 3 different instruments is fantastic. We feel like we have the makings of the Partridge Family! 🙂 Thank you to the staff and instructors at Myriad.

David / Parent

Myriad Music and Dance Academy

We have talented and very experienced instructors who teach piano, violin, guitar, cello, and other instruments.
Students Playing, Singing & Dancing since 1997!
Performance Events throughout the year