Guitar, Bass & Ukulele Lessons: Ages 6 – Adults

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All students continue to receive a myriad of materials to accompany their lessons, including both physical and virtual resources.
Virtual and on-site make-up opportunities are available, provided the standard make-up protocol is followed, with courteous advance notice.
Access to MYRIAD TV, our video library from the current year's classes. Perfect for absences and home practice between classes.

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Lessons include all styles

We have an amazing and fun guitar department. We will encourage and support your interested in the acoustic, electric, bass guitar, or ukulele. Myriad Music School offers fun instruction in guitar, ukulele and bass lessons in all styles, from rock to jazz, classical to pop, Spanish-style. Learn chording and plucking techniques from the experts. In other words, this is how you master the skills to really get around these versatile instruments!

Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, & Ukulele Lessons: Beginners – Advanced levels

Young Guitar Beginners ages 6-9?

The beginning stages of learning the guitar are challenging, especially the coordination for smaller hands. Young aspiring guitarists are guaranteed a fun, effective, encouraging beginning in our unique Guitar Teams. These guitar lessons are small class sizes with a combination of team activities and private lessons for each team member. Additionally, mentoring beginner guitar students requires just the right touch and Teams provide impactful, lasting, and positive foundations. For example, research over many years shows students who begin in our Team classes have a better retention rate, exhibiting ‘grit’ in the initial learning stages. As a result, these young students are most likely to progress, with minimal frustration, staying united with their guitar for years to come.  In conclusion, Guitar Teams are the best choice for your 6-9 year old aspiring guitarist – hands down! Secure your spot in these special classes today. Class times are limited for Team Classes.

We focus on teaching the guitar, not retail

Our highly skilled teachers are university- trained in both guitar playing AND music education. Similarly, they do not come from a guitar shop retail mentality. In other words, our guitar teachers focus all of their energy on fun, engaging activities with a special curriculum designed by the Myriad Music School Guitar Team! In addition, Myriad’s classrooms are stocked with fun, unique teaching tools that make the experience dynamic for all ages.

All of our guitar, bass, and ukulele teachers are also active performing musicians

Our guitar teachers have university music degrees, In addition to being great musicians. Our teachers know the proper theory and technique. So we will help every student develop skills in their area interest: classical guitar, metal, learning pop/funk bass lines, or strumming a favorite folk tune on their ukulele. Learn how to jam with teachers and other students or perform a solo in one of our recitals. Our teachers are here to help you.

Benefits of Pedagogy

What is Pedagogy and what are its benefits? In a nutshell, pedagogy is the science of the methods and activities of teaching. It incorporates the experiences of teachers with the latest research to help them teach more effectively. Pedagogy is important because it gives teachers an insight into the best practices for a classroom setting.


Guitar LessonsWhat is the right age to start guitar lessons?

Typically a student would start guitar lessons before the age of 8 because of smaller hand size and developing fine motor / coordination skills. Therefore, best practice suggests that students ages 6-8 begin with a junior sized guitar or ukulele. We recommend first registering for either Guitar Team or Kids’ Ukulele Band here at Myriad to get a great beginning with solid foundations. Additionally, consistent home practice is the other magical component to doing well with guitar, bass, or ukulele lessons.

Our motivating systems are unique

We teach foundations and then show our students how to develop rock/blues riffs, classical technique, or song-writing skills. In addition, students at our school earn medals as they progress through our well-designed curriculum. In conclusion, we have been refining our curriculum over the past 9 years making it better and more relevant to our students’ goals every year!

Unleash your inner rock star! Refine your classical artistry!

  • Develop your own unique voice on your acoustic / electric guitar, ukulele or bass. Your music style interest will guide your exploration of each instrument unique characteristics.
  • Don’t settle for just reading tab. Learn how to read music. Learn how to understand the organization of rhythms, melodies, and chords. Everyone appreciates your music know-how whether you are a soloist, or want to be part of band,  As a result, you’ll relate to more musicians as a competent reader.
  • Create powerful, subtle, beautiful sounds on these instruments. There are so many ways to approach the guitar, ukulele or bass as these special stringed instruments wail, soar, be plucked delicately or create a wall of sound! Myriad’s experts show you all of the tricks!
  • Explore styles from many cultures and traditions including classical, rock, jazz, and folk traditions
  • Avoid the typical poor ergonomic rookie mistakes. In other words, get your set up, posture and hand positions right from Day 1!  We prioritize correct physical approach and posture for pain-free practice on the guitar, ukulele and bass.

Guitar LessonsSchedule a trial guitar, bass or ukulele lesson near you to meet your new teacher!

For a quick response, fill in our Start Today form below, and tell us more about what you are looking for. For personal assistance or to join our wait list, please call us at 650-574-2844. We are looking forward to learning more about you and getting you started with quality guitar lesson, bass lesson or ukulele lesson.