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We are a boutique Dance Academy. Our class sizes are small and our dancers get lots of personal attention and coaching. Here’s why Our Dance Academy is different. Learn more about a quality dance program that is a great fit for kids, teens and adults!

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Dance Classes: We are a boutique Dance Academy. Our class sizes are small and our dancers get lots of personal attention and coaching. We offer smart choices for smart parents looking to give their children a positive, successful experience in their dance classes. Programs for all ages: Kids, Teens, Adults, Toddlers and Preschoolers too! Choosing a Class: To make an age-appropriate dance class choice for your child or yourself, choose from the list of Dance Styles & Ages on this page, or to go the “Choose By Age” drop down menu. Suggestions? Let us know if you don’t see something that matches your schedule and we’ll see what we can do. If we get enough requests for that time, we’ll open a new class time!

11 Benefits: Why the Myriad Dance Academy is a great choice, for kids, teens & Adults!

    1. Dance Factory? That’s not us. We are a boutique Dance Academy with nurturing, quality small class sizes. Our Dance Academy provides lots of personal attention for each dancer, balancing challenges with a comforting environment.
    1. Our Teachers  have dance degrees and years of instructing experience – they are warm and nurturing, working well with students of all ages.
    1. Three Performances per year! We hold two Ribbon Days, and one Spring Dance Showcase each year. Students love checking off their dance goal sheets and participating in Ribbon / In-Progress days with their families.
    1. We take the stress and extra high costs out of the dance class experience, while ramping up the quality of the instruction.
    1. Our curriculum is unified, which means that we avoid the typical pitfalls of different dance teachers teaching different skills. We can guarantee quality and continuity from class to class ~ great for make-ups! Our curriculum objectives are in sync, across the entire Academy.
    1. Our quality curriculum teaches ballet-based strengthening/ toning foundations while also promoting skillful knowledge / vocabulary in jazz, hip hop and tap. We don’t limit young children to just one style. They’ll learn what they like by being exposed to different styles sooner, while still receiving strong technical foundations.
    1. Unlike other programs in the area, our students are not just doing the same sequence of exercises each week, limited to one genre all year –long. This is what our Goal Sheets & Ribbon Days provide – variety and something to focus on besides just the end-of-year choreography, typical of other dance schools.
    1. Our program keeps the child’s interest, with fun props and creative classroom items, making the studio an exciting place to be. Our fully-stocked dance academy is a multi-sensory environment, which is great for especially our younger dancers.
    1. Our class sizes are small, allowing our teachers to give lots of attention to each dancer. We are the coziest dance academy on the Peninsula, with attention to detail, allowing each dancer to progress at a safe rate for their bodies. We are attune to the coordination readiness of each student.
    1. Routine plus Variety, each class! Our researched, tailored curriculum features both routine (which helps mastery of coordination) and variety in dance styles (always nurturing creativity and confidence).
  1. Something for Parents too! We have a great deal for Myriad’s parents…come and take Fitness / Pilates classes with us. Certified Pilates Instructors at Myriad’s Dance Academy!

Five Things Every Parent Should Know in Order to Choose a Dance Studio

Most dance studios seem to offer similar programs with friendly experienced teachers and performing opportunities. Aren’t they all about the same? Does it make a difference where you choose to enroll? Yes. There are 4 critical factors that can make a difference in the quality of dance instruction your child receives. Parents need to understand what they are expected to do while their child is enrolled. These factors will affect the overall enjoyment and satisfaction while participating in a dance program. Here are 4 things that every parent should consider before choosing where to send their child for dance class. These factors will highly affect the overall satisfaction and enjoyment of your family’s dance experience.

Are Classes Age-Appropriate?

Dance training must be age-appropriate for the young student – physically, socially and emotionally. In order to train effectively and safely, young dancers should be learning skills that their developing bodies are ready. Progression in levels is a very important factor. A studio should be able to provide a program which offers the student a chance to progress from a beginning dancer with the right foundations, level by level to more advanced concepts.

We describe our studio as “family-friendly”. We teach classes which are age appropriate and we provide a wholesome environment for positive learning. Technically our studio provides achievement goals by levels so that we can make sure that students are ready to advance to the next level of training. Our goal is to develop a strong foundation whereby the dancer can move to appropriate levels as they advance within our program. Teachers work together to determine the correct placement of every individual student at our studio. The dancer becomes a part of our dance family and we take consider their advancement carefully.

What Is The Size of The class?

We have a small dancer:teacher ratio. The dance class should be a reasonable size so the instructor can teach effectively and maintain class control. This allows a teacher to provide individual attention and be aware of the student’s individual needs. The smaller class helps the teacher make sure that concepts are understood by each student and prevents students from developing bad habits or using improper technique.

Our studio limits the size of our classes. Younger age classes are generally 8 – 10 students. School Year Classes do not exceed 10 students.Our goal is to make sure that the student gets the individual attention necessary for personal attention and advancement.

What Type of Dance Floor Is Used?

Dance is a physical activity which requires jumping and springing. This can impart stress and pressure to the joints of the feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. Injuries can occur if a dancer is training on an improper floor. Studies have shown that it is very important to provide a floor which has spring action when participating in highly physical activities. This floor will provide a buffer to absorb the shock that is imparted to the body. The type of flooring used in professional studios and theatres is called a “floating floor”. A “floating floor” is built on top of a structure of high density foam pads. These pads act as shock absorbers to the body. This system is superior to a “sprung” floor which is generally wood built on top of the regular sub-floor.

The top layer of the floor is an important factor to the dance student. A vinyl composite known as “Marley” is manufactured especially for the dance studio. The Marley surface is the accepted flooring used by major dance companies and theatres throughout the world. The finish of the Marley surface allows the dancer to slide with a degree of control. It is not slippery enough to cause falls.

Our studio has installed the “floating floor” system in each of our studios. There are hundreds of high density foam pads under each floor which protect students and teachers alike. The top layer is a special Marley vinyl created for the dancer. Our floors help to reduce the risk of injury and keeps students from getting tired while taking class.

How involved is the parent commitment?

We are here to help children dance well, express themselves creatively, and have fun during class. We are a recreational dance program, which means no expensive costumes, DVD costs, mandatory ticket sales per family, time-consuming competitions, or fund-raising activities. We put our energies into excellent curriculum choices, ribbon achievement awards, solid & safe foundations, a caring and professional teaching staff. We do feature family performances throughout the year to celebrate our dancers’ progress and to share their joy of dancing with loved ones.

Communication and Customer Service?

It is important that parents are kept informed as to what is going on at the studio. It is not a good experience for a child to miss out on a special practice because the information wasn’t communicated to the parent. A dance studio must make pertinent information easily available.

At our studio communication is a top priority. We provide a policy form which explains what we expect from our parents throughout the year. In addition, our brochure, informative emails, and web site will provide very helpful information concerning tuition policies, class attire, performance dates etc. Our office staff is available during regular class hours for your immediate assistance.