Private Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone Lessons: Ages 9 – Adults

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Refine your skills on the flute at the Myriad Music School. Private flute, clarinet, and saxophone lessons at Myriad help you excel in your Band and Orchestra programs. Attain your musical best with expert coaching!

Playing the flute, clarinet, and saxophone correctly is full of special, unique challenges. Proper breath support; tone production; articulation & tonguing; intonation; reading your music well; sight-reading your rhythms well; etc. ~ you need weekly feedback & encouragement to know that your are on the right track. Private mentoring is the way to go to get to where you want to be. We provide our flute, clarinet, and saxophone students with an action-packed weekly lesson, full of personalized tips and practice activities to take home. These assignments go beyond simple band or orchestra music assignments. For parents, we have many tools to help you know if your child is excelling. Parents are provided with a “Smart Practicing Guide” and “Correct Home Set-up” guidelines, and you can see the curriculum your child is following.

Be inspired to learn and improve your skills with one of our gifted teachers.

Expert Instructors for Quality Flute Lessons, Clarinet Lessons & Saxophone Lessons

Instructors at the Myriad Music School draw from a rich mixture of methods and styles to create a unique curriculum that addresses the specific needs of each student. Our fun, university trained teachers guide each student at their own pace, provide encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to rise to the next level of musicianship. We help our students set weekly goals towards improvement.

Instruction includes:

  • Weekly Lesson with professional and fun, university trained teacher
  • Assignment sheets providing detailed guidance
  • Physical approach – Elements such as posture, breathing, body placement, etc.
  • Sound development – Tone production related to specific instrument
  • Music literacy & Music Theory – Including sight reading development and Score Analysis
  • Ear Training and Aural Analysis
  • Rhythmic Development & Stylistic Interpretation
  • Ensemble Skills

Performance Opportunities include:

  • Workshop Week – Small performance coaching classes
  • 2 annual Concerts – Intermediate/Advanced levels
  • Playing Parties – For Elementary level students

Ensembles opportunities are also available during Workshop Week, at Concerts and during the summer. Chamber music provides a rich environment in which students make music together while having fun and gaining a valuable ensemble experience, where many valuable life skills are developed.

Come visit us for your one-time trial music lesson with one of our fun, professional and inspiring teachers. Call 650-574-2844 to schedule your first lesson.