Now she practices voluntarily everyday

Now she practices voluntarily everyday

Thank you very much for sending my daughter Elena the personalized warm message. This means a lot to her. Thank you very much for the encouragement. We like the music school a lot. It's a nurturing environment with good teaching philosophy and method, and it's fun.

Elena has been learning violin with another studio before we switch her to Myriad. We are very glad that we made the switch. She was frustrated when she was with the other studio. Practice seems to be a torture for her. Now she practices voluntarily everyday. I think that the clear homework assignment sheet and tracking system did some magic to some extent.

Of course, the teacher makes a big difference. We like teacher Jeremy. He is very detailed. He pays attention to every note. He tries different ways to introduce techniques to kids and find the very one suitable for individual student. He makes class fun and keeps kids engaged. His homework assignment is always very detailed and clear. We are very fortunate to have Jeremy as Elena's teacher.

Our overall experience with the school is very happy. The front desk staff are very nice and helpful too. They always reply emails on time.

Ann / Mother
These teachers made a deep and lasting impression

These teachers made a deep and lasting impression

From my childhood, the people whom I have the clearest memories of are my teachers - the good ones as well as the not so good ones. I remember them because these teachers made a deep and lasting impression on my life.

I am certain that the teachers at Myriad have and will continue to be a valuable influence on Madeline, not only as a musician, but as a person. Thank you for helping to build her up at this very impressionable age. With such trust having been established, we welcome, not only encouragement, but correction and needed critique as well.

Sarah / Parent

Thank you again

Thank you again for another year of inspiring piano lessons for Luke. His love and ability to play piano amaze us!

Cara / Parent

I had fun!

Thank you for helping us learn to sing for our concert. I had fun!
Olivia – 6 years old


Olivia / Student

The teachers at your school are just so awesome!

Our family really appreciate your very positive feedback for Alex's and Benson's piano performance.

Benson and Alex have been having very good experience with learning to play piano at Myriad school all these years! They are having fun and willing to play piano whenever they have time. Listening to their piano music becomes part of our lives everyday. My husband and I are benefited from their practices all the time. We will be missing their piano music once they are gone to colleges. The good thing is we have been saving all their performances all these years. We can replay them whenever needed....

Thank you so much for making the music school to keep the kids' interests in playing music. The teachers at your school are just so awesome!

Sue / Parent

We really appreciate it

Thank you for taking the time to give Miya and Jack your words of praise from the concert. What a thoughtful and kind gesture and both kids beamed when I showed them your words. I think the encouragement from teachers like you will help them weather through the performance jitters as well as when they have the occasional 'practice' blues.

We really appreciate it.

Lisa / Parent

I am ecstatic

You are amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time with Lucas. He was thrilled and so happy with his performance! Your motivation and positiveness keeps him going!!

He loves his piano and I am ecstatic that he wants to continue!

Thanks again!

Claudia / Parent

We are so happy

We are so happy that George has stayed with his music and grateful that Myriad has been such a big part of it.

Libby / Parent

So organized and so dedicated

Thank you very much for your teaching with Amber, that sure will delight her and hopefully tickle her "musical bone" to make her want to practice more guitar at home. 🙂
We feel grateful that Amber and Anya are enrolled in such a wonderful music school. Your team are the best one we've ever seen. So organized and so dedicated, and of course so professional. I feel proud to let my friends know Myriad is the music school my both kids go to. You know what, last year, Amber played "Angry Bird" in her school's talent show. Soon after her playing, some parents came to me and ask what school did Amber go. I proudly answered "it's Myriad Music School".

Jenny / Parent

They are wonderful with children

I wanted to say how happy we've been with the two teachers Ari had--Megan and Tysen. They are wonderful with children, extra patient, and great teachers!

Sophia / Parent

We are continually impressed

Thank you so much for spending the time with Ally. You really do know what "makes Ally tick"! We are continually impressed and delighted with the music school you have managed to build and the love of music that you inspire in your students.

Susan & Joe / Parents

We're very glad we found Myriad Music

My daughter, Maya, is LOVING her violin lessons! She is so much more motivated since she started taking lessons with Myriad and is already (after only three or four weeks) playing noticeably better. We're very glad we found Myriad Music. Thank you!

They were engaged and creative!

Dear Myriad Music School Owner,

I feel compelled to write this because I was extremely pleased with the experience we had at your music school. My daughter, attended the summer music camp for the week of July 15th-19th. I wanted to express my appreciation for the teachers during that week. My daughter LOVED her time there and told me each night that she did not want to stop going there (she did not want it to end)! That is huge progress for a child who is normally shy with new people and new situations.

I found the teachers warm and inviting. They were engaged and creative! I loved their approach to each part of the class and it is obvious that there is a structure and overall goal in mind. As an elementary age teacher myself, I love to see each child in a class acknowledged and respected for their own personality. Your teachers did that each day as they greeted the class with a smile. It is evident that they genuinely love what they are doing!

In addition, the facility was always clean and organized. I will definitely recommend your school to others and I look forward to Anika starting Superstars in the Fall.

Ashley / Parent

We have seen our daughter grow as a musician

We are really glad we chose Myriad as our music school. We have seen our daughter grow as a musician. All the teachers we have had so far have been so patient and friendly in spite of our daughter being a shy child. She has enjoyed learning from all of them. We love your playing parties and really appreciate how you take time in knowing each child through these parties.

Please tell your front desk staff how much I personally appreciate her knowing all the kids names. When we call or stop by she immediately knows who I am talking about and it definitely makes me feel nice. Thank you.

The Vinod family / Family

Such a gift you give to our children

Yet again we are overwhelmed by the wonderful Myriad concert. I love the space, the RELAXED kids playing their music, their confidence, their independence, the quiet way in which you both let the musicians know you are there ...You both should be so proud of what you do. Such a gift you give to our children.

Marty and Michael / Parents

I am so proud

I just wanted to share a picture of Sebastian with the competition orchestra from his school. He is one of five 6th graders that were invited to join the 7th and 8th graders. I am so proud of him and his foundation from Myriad. I will send a small clip too.

Amy / Parent

It's just a thrill to hear her progress

Thank you so much, Simone & Keith and all the teachers and staff at Myriad for the wonderful opportunity given to our daughter to perform for us & others! It's just a thrill to hear her progress in making music! Thank you again so much for nurturing her & her talent!

Judy & Bill / Parents

Thank you to the staff and instructors at Myriad

We are all LOVING Myriad Music. The fact that we are able to get lessons for 3 family members in 3 different instruments is fantastic. We feel like we have the makings of the Partridge Family! 🙂 Thank you to the staff and instructors at Myriad.

David / Parent

Truly loving the experience at Myriad

Our daughter Aanika is taking private violin lessons at Myriad. Aanika is truly loving the experience. I like that she gets homework in writing with notes on what she is struggling with or what she needs to work on more. These homework pages keep me informed and allow me to get meaningfully involved as I help my child at home. Thank you! We love our teacher! She is simply fantastic– very inspiring, systematic and thorough.

Aanika's parents / Parents

Great! I really like camp!

Thanks from Owen and me for a fun week at the preschool camp. Owen really enjoyed it and by just the 2nd day (in the morning when I told him we were going to Myriad again) he said "Great!I really like camp!" It was also really nice for him to mix with a new and different group of preschoolers.

Melanie / Parent

I am so glad

Dear Simone,

I wanted to quickly write to thank you once again for helping Olivia with her solo piece on Wednesday. She did an amazing job up on stage over the weekend and I have to attribute choir to this new found confidence in my daughter. When we first moved here 18 months ago Olivia was so shy I would literally have her wrapped around my leg whenever we went to any social event. I am so glad that she has found this love of singing and amazing personal confidence so thank you.

Deborah / Parent

We love your school

We love your school. We know quality when we see it and have boasted about your school for years! Karah has thrived musically and we have your school and Simone to thank. Thank you again for another wonderful year and as always your friendship.

Naomi & John / Parents

I'm very pleased with the Young Child classes

We've taken the toddler summer class, Music for Young Child I and now Young Child II. I'm very pleased with the Young Child classes under the Kindermusik program offered by Myriad Music. The class my daughter attends is in San Mateo at Palm Dr. The children learn notes as a sound, sight reading and by placing markers on a chart, they learn to actually make their own music that they can play. Each year they learn a different instrument, eg, now she is learning glockenspiel which is pre-piano. Then they have pre-wind instruments on a recorder, etc. Each class is fun and they sing and have games geared toward their lesson. I think it's a smart, less stressful way to learn music. That said, I myself have no experience learning music.

Also, Myriad is accommodating with makeup classes.

San Mateo Mother's Club Mom / Mother

The teachers are great and very engaging with the kids

I have been bringing my boys there for the past year. They are now 2 1/2. I really love the school because the class size is small, the kids get individual attention and their approach to music is very creative. The teachers are great and very engaging with the kids...our teacher is teacher Jina.

San Mateo Mother's Club Mom / Mother

It was well structured yet engaging

We've had a great experience with Myriad Music. My daughter has been going there since she turned 3 (and is now 5 1/2 and doing their Choir class). At ages 3 & 4 we did Kindermusik. It was a great transition from Music Together because I felt it really took things to a whole different level for the kids. It was well structured yet engaging and fun for the kids. They got experience with instruments, notes and rhythm while truly having fun! We had teacher Jina for the 2 years my daughter did Kindermusik, and she really was excellent, in both the teaching of music and relating with the kids.

San Mateo Mother's Club Mom / Mother

I find it to be a very friendly environment

As a student at Myriad Music School for over five years, I find it to be a very friendly and musically enriching environment in which any musician is able to reach their full potential because of the wonderfully encouraging and talented teachers.

Christina H. / Student
I find it to be a very friendly environment

I find it to be a very friendly environment

It is the dedication and professionalism of the teachers, as well as their emphasis on encouraging a well-rounded musician which has allowed our daughter to grow into the avid and dedicated musician that she has become over the last five years with Myriad Music School . We feel so fortunate to have 'found' Myriad, for without them we are certain that our daughter would not have musically flourished to be at the level she is today."

Pam and Michael H. / Parents
Our children enjoy coming each week

Our children enjoy coming each week

We absolutely love the program and teachers at the Myriad Music School. The programs are geared around our children's aptitude to learn music, have fun and make it an enjoyable experience that they will continue to develop over the years. The teachers truly enjoy what they do and demonstrate their passion by inspiring our children to give it their best during classes and recitals. Our children enjoy coming each week for their piano lessons and have truly grown to appreciate music.

Nimisha and Jay P / Parents
Myriad Music School is simply wonderful

Myriad Music School is simply wonderful

Myriad Music School is simply wonderful. The teachers there have passed along their extensive knowledge and passion for music to my children in such a way that I know they will be able to truly enjoy making music for the rest of their lives. The teaching methods used at Myriad are effective and fun. My kids LOVE Myriad!

Maren / Mom
I’m so grateful for our experiences at Myriad

I'm so grateful for our experiences at Myriad

I can't say enough about how wonderful the toddler music classes are at Myriad. Initially, I saw the class as an opportunity for my two year old daughter and I to bond and enjoy music together. But the class ended up being so much more than that for us. After several weeks, I began to notice that my daughter was picking up the routines of class, gaining confidence in herself, and developing her creativity. She was learning the basic building blocks of music in fun and imaginative ways. Her teacher was so interactive and dynamic and clearly loved leading the children and parents. Games and songs we played in class quickly worked there way into our daily lives. I'm so grateful for our experiences at Myriad. They have clearly begun a love and appreciation for music in my daughter that will hopefully follow her throughout her life.

Kim / Mom
Myriad offers the perfect environment for children to explore music

Myriad offers the perfect environment for children to explore music

I think I have stumbled upon only a few real jewels when looking for great activities for my children. I have tough standards when it comes to paying for extracurricular enrichment; I take into consideration knowledge, professionalism and facility.

My son, Mateo, started at Myriad about 5 years ago and continues to appreciate what he has learned. When my daughter Talia wanted to take music we knew Myriad was the place. These teachers embrace their gift with passion and love to share it with our children.

When I share my thoughts on Myriad my first words are if you are going to teach your child anything in the arts, choose a place that teaches with passion.

These teachers are musicians who are passionate about their gift. I believe everyone can teach what they know, but only a few have the desire to share their experiences and complete that task with true enthusiasm. In our busy home, we appreciate a professionalism and organization. Myriad keeps us informed of everything in timely manner. I usually have to ask the question before the information is given. Not at Myriad, information is given before the question even pops into my head. Finally, a place that is one step ahead.

A clean, spacious and organized facility puts my mind at ease. Myriad offers the perfect environment for children to explore music. I like to know that when the kids are away from me they are in a healthy and safe place, learning what they love. Myriad offers that to all.

Kim / Mom
Nathan C.

Myriad is more than just a School of Music and Dance. The support that the teachers and staff give each other makes it a close family which provides a welcoming environment of growth and artistry. The curriculum does an outstanding job of training students in the many different aspects of music that fall into the realms of technique, theory and musicality. Teachers are given flexibility within the curriculum to address the individual needs of each student and are encouraged to think critically about their approach to each student's needs ensuring a well rounded musical education. Even having moved away, my teaching is still highly informed by my experiences at Myriad and the training and support that I received there.

Nathan C. / Parent