Jungle Mania at Myriad’s Children’s Performing Arts Camp

Jungle Mania at Myriad’s Children’s Performing Arts Camp

Hi everyone! We hope your summer is off to a great start! Ours sure is! Myriad’s Children’s Performing Arts Camp just completed its first week. The theme was Jungle Mania.


Over the course of the week, every student had lines for the play and dancing to practice. But that’s not all! They also made props for the play themselves, like birthday hats and animal masks! Each student performed their role beautifully. It was a great success, and a perfect way to kick off our summer camp season!

Seriously, we’d normally be pretty excited about our upcoming camp weeks regardless, but Jungle Mania week went fantastically well and now we are HYPED. This week’s theme is On Broadway. Next month’s camp themes will be (in order Superheros, Wizarding Worlds, In A Galaxy Far Far Away, and Islands and Ocean Explorers. Every camp is from 9-11:30am for Preschool and 9-3:00pm for Children’s camp, Monday through Friday, and spaces are still available! If you haven’t signed your child up yet, you can do so here.

And really, truly, thanks to all of last week’s campers and their parents for making our camp such a joy and success.