All Music and Dance program lessons are offered via live video classes. Contact us to get started

  • The New Normal: We are currently running all lessons & classes virtually with great success!
  • When will we resume on-site instruction? Our #1 guiding principal has been simply that our school remains a place where our students and teachers feel safe.
  • We will be offering on-site instruction when the County Directives have been well-established. We need time to train staff and take the safety measures with classrooms and lobbies.
  • Updates will be provided on June 1st, July 1st, and August 1st


Whether you are an adult student who is brand new to music or dance, or you took lessons as a youth, and wish to continue improving your skills,  we have a program for you. We have private music lessons, group ukulele classes, and dance classes for adults. Explore below to find the right program for you! Contact us today ~ we want to learn more about your current goals.

Adult Ukulele Jam

Adult Music Lessons

Dance And Pilates Classses