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We offer smart choices for smart parents looking to give their children a positive, successful experience in their music classes and private lessons. Programs for all ages: Kids, Teens, Adults, Toddlers and Preschoolers too!

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Starting Smart! For our Younger Musicians, Ages 3 – 7 years old
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Superstar Young Musicians:
Ages 5 1/2 – 7
Kids join us for an action packed, joyful, and skillful class, featuring the 3 most important areas of complete musicianship: Piano Lessons, Ukulele Lessons & Mini-Glee Singers!

Young Musicians:
Ages 4 1/2 – 6
Looking for that age-appropriate, fun class to get your young child ready for piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin lessons, singing and reading music?

Preschool Music:
Ages 3 – 4 1/2
This fun class is the stepping-stone pre-schoolers need to be able to understand the foundations of all basic musical concepts.


Ages 6 – Adults
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Private Lessons Beginners –
Ages 6 – Adults:
Piano, Guitar, Bass, Voice, Violin, Viola, Ukulele, Trumpet, French Horn, Flute, Clarinet, and Saxophone.

Piano Team:
Ages 6 – 9
The perfect motivating, small-size class for building confident piano skills!

Violin Team:
Ages 6 – 9
The perfect motivating, small-size class for building confident violin skills!

Guitar Team:
Ages 6 – 9
The perfect motivating, small-size class for building confident guitar skills!

Children’s Chorus, Glee, and Advanced Glee Singers:
Ages 5 – 15
Kids and Teens gain confidence, performance skills, and much more through song!

Kids’ Ukulele Band:
Ages 6 – 9
Physically easier than the guitar for small hands, yet with all of the same, solid foundations.

Adult Ukulele Jam:
Ages 16 – Adults
For all levels – strummers and pickers alike! We have two levels, one for complete beginners and one for players with a bit more experience. A fun evening for all – learn your favorite tunes on one of the easiest instruments to learn!