Kids’ Rock / Pop Band Junior

Kids’ Rock / Pop Band Junior! An accessible, age-appropriate curriculum. Children connect through music with their band mates! Start your child’s musical journey with fun, learning and collaboration!

Myriad’s Kids’ Rock / Pop Band Junior for aspiring rockers Ages 6-10 is a fun curriculum, featuring the instruments and solid, standard Rock / Pop riffs that best resonate with the kids in the class. Keyboard, ukulele, drum kits, and vocals are the instruments that are most successful with this age group. Our Teachers excel at finding those classic tunes that help these kids feel successful and have a great experience! Therefore, engagement is high and kids are inspired quickly by their results. Check out the awesome, skilled music teachers at Myriad!

Adding private lessons too does make a difference. Get your child positioned for success and confidence!

It is highly recommended that all band members are also enrolled in one of our private lessons, teaching more technique, reading skills and proficiency on an instrument. Your child’s private lesson teacher will also help work on the band tunes, each week, along with smart foundations and technique. Every band member needs some solid foundations. Get your child feeling skilled and ready to rock out, with some private lesson support behind the scenes. Help them do and feel their best, feeling like an equipped, knowledgeable member of their Band!

Private Lessons in Piano, Guitar or Ukulele are for students ages 6 and older.
Superstars Young Musicians Classes are great for young students 6 year olds, for piano and ukulele foundations.
Mini Singers & Glee Singers Classes are for students who really want to improve their vocals, ages 6-10


Direct-enroll in Kids’ Rock / Pop Band Junior below, by clicking on the registration button. Add a private lesson too! Do you have a question?  For a quick response, fill in our Start Today form below, and tell us more about what you are looking for.  We are looking forward to learning more about you and matching your child with our Kids Rock and Pop Band teacher.

The ukulele is easier for small hands.

The ukulele is physically easier than the guitar for small hands, yet with all of the same, solid foundations. A year or two in Kids’ Ukulele Band Levels 1 or 2 will make the guitar a breeze when your little guitar enthusiast is just a little older to really grasp the coordination to play the guitar. Or stay with the ukulele if you love it! Many of our students, young and old alike, have become impressive ukulele players ~ singing, strumming and plucking like a pro!

Explore our ‘Myriad TV’ Piano lesson clips children watch between classes, to practice alongside their teachers at home.

Our Kids’ Rock / Pop Band Junior Students are:

  • Excited about playing instruments together and LOVE classes
  • SUPER excited about the rhythm enhancements of this class, including our electric drum kit, and clever bucket drumming units
  • Learning how to read music, play riffs from well-known songs, construct chords and pluck melodies.
  • Choosing a band name together, and coming up with their “look”! It’s a fun process.
  • Developing stage presence and performance poise – we prepare this band for 2 performances per year.
  • Creating music as team players in a nurturing, dynamic environment, with the keyboard, ukulele, guitar, vocals, and drums / percussion features of this class.
  • Accomplishing rhythmic, sight-singing / ear-training skills through music theory games
  • Preparing for band performances for family and loved ones.

Kids’ Rock / Pop Band Junior is accepting new members!

Ages 6-10

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Direct-enroll in Kids’ Rock / Pop Band Junior below. Questions? For a quick response, fill in our Start Today form below, and tell us more about what you are looking for.  We are looking forward to learning more about you and matching you with our Rock / Pop Band Junior teacher.