Super Star Young Musician Classes: Ages 5-6 ~ Music Classes for Piano, Ukulele and Drums!


SUPERSTAR MUSICIANS: For Children Ages 5-6

Your child will adore playing, strumming, plucking, and jamming on the drums each week, in this unique, diverse class. Get started today, in a musical journey that will capture your child’s attention, and ignite a joy of music from multiple angles. A popular, exclusive curriculum designed by the Super Star Teaching Team at Myriad Music School! This smart, one-of-a-kind class is part of Myriad’s magical musical staircase. Allow us to set the stage for learning, in a class full of happy tunes for these engaged, creative young musicians.  Superstars provides the tools and fuels the imagination children need to feel confident. Your child will become literate, while gaining coordination on multiple musical instruments in this amazing class!

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Choose your Journey ~ On-site or Virtual Learning

ON-SITE Learners: Please note that there is limited on-site availability, due to smaller class sizes. Visit Myriad’s COVID-19 Safety Measures page to learn more. Myriad provides all Foundations students with a Music Superhero Face Shield, for extra protection. Students customize their shield at home with their unique super power, ready for class each week!

VIRTUAL Learners: Virtual learners participate via live Zoom, with enhanced, quality audio, so our at-home students hear the teacher’s voice and the music well. Teachers also prepare weekly short video tutorial highlighting an important activity from the lesson.

ALL Learners: All students receive access to MYRIAD TV, our video library from School Year 2020-2021 classes, as we roll merrily along. Perfect for absences and home practice between classes.


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New to our music school?

This is a special, well-rounded, skillful class for young musicians ages 5 – 6. If your child has prior experience, this is the place to bring skills altogether! Really polish the skills all Kindergartners, 1st Graders should have before venturing into Private Music Lessons or our Team classes. Properly introducing skills with Myriad’s unique stepping stone class sequences is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child, ensuring that she will be a life-long musician. These children experience success and fun with music the whole way through to adulthood. This is our #1 mission as a music school.

For Myriad’s own graduates of our
Mini Piano Plus  classes.Young Musician's Practice Cards

Considering all of the skills your child has absorbed, now allow your child to soar in the 3 important areas of complete musicianship! Consequently, this is a specially designed class that will allow our  Mini Piano Plus Graduates to bring their skills up yet another level. Why settle for just 1 instrument already, when you can keep your child’s horizons wide open and diverse? Superstar home assignments are more involved than Young Musicians homework activities, but not as involved as Piano Team, Guitar Team or private lessons. Indeed, Superstar classes are designed as the perfect 3 instrument class appropriate for 5 – 6 year old’s.

Ready to be a Superstar? Triple the fun ~ an amazing trifecta for budding young musicians.

There are three parts to each Superstars class.

This is the perfect age for a child’s musical journey , a crucial window of opportunity for a child’s ear-training, brain development, language learning and coordination.

Calling all budding young musicians, children ages 5- 6!  Join us for an action packed, joyful, and skillful class, featuring the 3 most important areas of complete musicianship. Specifically, in this hour-long class each week, students learn the skills for three important, foundational areas of intelligent musicianship:

Part 1: Piano / Keyboard Lessons

Piano is the one instrument that teaches everything one needs to know to learn any other instrument.
Personal Interactions

Firstly, we’ll learn and refine our piano skills together, which is so important to understanding all things musical! Fortunately, Myriad is an industry-leader in regard to their well-designed curriculum for all beginning pianists. Ensemble keyboard play in our Piano Song Books reinforces music reading, ear-training skills, composition and improvisation. Each lesson, the students are monitored individually, ensuring that all foundations are present, including alignment, hand positioning, fingering and tension-free technique. Best of all, the children learn these healthy foundations through fun chants and cute analogies, building evaluation skills for home practice too.

These young pianists love our Song Books, featuring classic themes, pop and jazz sounds, music history fun facts and Music Games. Homework is based on the Piano Song book and the Theory Workbook that go home with the children.

Part 2: Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele is a small stringed instrument, a wise first step before learning guitar or violin.

Secondly, classes feature a song book written by our own ukulele specialists. We chose the ukulele at Myriad Music School as the perfect foundations instrument before guitar, or even violin. Young Musicians are engaged by these adorable songs, adaptable to little hands for both plucking melodies and strumming chords. In this way, our students learn to read ukulele notation too. Specifically, students work on correct alignment of hands on the fret board and strings. Children enjoy playing as a ukulele band, while also benefitting from soloing opportunities too. Consequently, homework is assigned from the ukulele pages learned in class.

Part 3: Rhythm, Percussion & Drum Set Lessons

Solid rhythmic skills are the heartbeat of every musician’s skill set. Additionally, drums are loads of fun!

Young MusiciansThirdly, our Superstar students feel like rock stars on our kid-sized electronic percussion kit,  learning how to coordinate classic rock and pop drum patterns. Furthermore, we gain the knowledge of the names of the snare and kick drums, low and high toms, ride and crash cymbals, and how to use them in different musical styles.

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Direct-enroll below to save your spot in these popular classes by just clicking the Register button. Do you have questions? Fill in our Start Today form below, and tell us more about what you are looking for. We look forward to learning more about you and matching you with quality music classes. Our students come from San Mateo, Burlingame, Belmont, San Carlos, Millbrae and area.