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Welcome! Contact us for your FREE First Lesson. Enrollment is ongoing throughout the current school year and summer months. Here’s the latest update.

  • 100% of our Teachers are fully vaccinated and boosted. We continue to offer BOTH on-site lessons and virtual options.
  • Guidelines at Myriad. Our #1 guiding principal has been simply that our school remains a safe place for students and teachers. We continue to follow and model our local School District’s current directives, San Mateo’s Environmental Health Services, and the Department of Public Health, Policy & Planning.
  • Our students enjoy a cleaner-than-ever-before learning environment with non-toxic disinfectant foggers, physical barriers where needed and medical-grade air purification system in every classroom.
  • All students continue to receive a myriad of tools and materials to accompany their lessons, including both physical and virtual resources and practices videos.
  • Visit our COVID Safety Measures page for more details and protocol.



Enrollment is on-going! It is never too late to join our music classes or private lessons. Register online for classes!

We offer smart choices for smart parents looking to give their Preschoolers, Children, & Teens a positive, successful experience in their music classes and private lessons. Adult lessons & classes too! Our school specializes in a magical staircase approach for all programs. This is based upon understanding brain development and coordination bench marks for key ages. Combining our research, development and experience, we observe success and confidence in all music and dance skills, from our youngest to our most advanced students. Strong foundations, thoughtful sequencing, and caring mentoring truly creates musicians and dancers for a lifetime.

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Don’t see a class time that works? Call us at 650-574-2844 or email us at lessons@myriadmusic.net.  Our friendly Arts Administrators will help you find a great match!

Music For All Ages

Music For All Ages

We offer smart choices for smart parents looking to give their children a positive, successful experience in their music classes and private lessons. Programs for all ages: Kids, Teens, Adults and Preschoolers too!

Dance For All Ages

Dance For All Ages

Classes for all ages & levels. This is the perfect cozy, non-intimidating, environment for dancers to create something special together – a quality dance program that is a great fit for kids, teens and adults!

Summer Camps and Classes