How Music Learning Helps Children Overcome Anxiety

How Music Learning Helps Children Overcome Anxiety

School is starting up again, and on Monday, August 23rd, we’ll be starting our fall courses. We know that for a lot of children and teens, beginning a new school year can be a stressful experience. But music learning can children overcome the academic and social anxieties of school! Here’s how.


Confidence is Key

Are there any areas of life that aren’t enhanced by having good confidence? Probably not. And if you want your child to develop their confidence, learning to sing, dance, and/or play a musical instrument can help. As they develop their skills and find themselves getting better and better, children begin to realize how capable of improvement they are. In school, this means they have less anxieties about difficult subjects, and are more willing to try new activities.

Training for Teamwork

Music learning also helps children break out of their social shells, too. Children who join group music classes aren’t just learning musical skills. They’re learning social skills as well, like how to relate to others, and how to work in teams. Plus they’re learning the benefits of working well in groups. In school this helps them with classes, group projects, and making new friends.

Making Socializing Easier

It might come as a surprise, but lots of musicians are total introverts by nature. Not that you’d notice from how often we practice with each other and play in bands, orchestras, etc. The same goes for dancers and singers! The trick is that, as someone who’s naturally shy, the more you spend time around others, the less nervous you get. For children and teenagers especially, it helps tremendously if they’re spending time with their peers who they share a common interest with – whether it’s piano, dance, or any of the myriad performing arts!

The thing that really makes all this work in a music class? Having the right teacher! With a caring, skilled, well trained teacher, children are able to feel safe and comfortable in group classes, while having a helping hand to encourage and motivate them to flourish. At Myriad, we make sure that’s all of our teachers. Because we know how big of a difference it makes.

Here’s where you can register for our fall 2021 – spring 2022 group classes. Again, courses are starting up Monday, August 23rd, so if you haven’t signed your child up yet, now’s the time to do it! We can’t wait to see everyone next week.