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Myriad is growing! We are currently hiring for the following teaching positions. We are also always looking for substitute teachers, so please apply below if interested.

We’ve created an enjoyable, collaborative, informative interview process for all qualified applicants. 

We’re so happy to see you. We are passionate about taking good care of our team members.

Our team includes everyone: Music Teachers, Dance Teachers, Art Teachers, Arts Administrators, Directors, Associate Directors, Department Leaders, AND our students and their families. To run thriving business with a collaborative team, it takes awareness, savvy pedagogy practices and the recognition of the unique talents our Team Members have to offer.

Our Arts Admin Team works hard to fill your schedule quickly. We register new students every day. We are always working to update and improve our resources. We want our teachers to have an amazing experience every time the enter our school, ready to create a magical teaching day in their classroom.  As a result, our teachers benefit daily, weekly and annually, celebrating successful milestones alongside with their students!

We are a perfect fit for both experienced educators and talented new teachers.

Myraid Music School and Dance Academy (plus Art Classes!) is a top rated employer with tried & true practices, resources, and a long history of success. We offer the added stimulation of working alongside colleagues, benefitting from best practices, stimulating concepts, classroom resources, and Myriad’s administrative services.

We provide excellent administrative services for our team, so you can focus on what you do best! Either way you’ll be part of a forward-thinking, smart, well-rounded team, having a lot of fun together in a school setting, while teaching music, dance and visual arts to students of all ages.

We support our teachers by providing healthy balance of home & work life.

We believe in providing a thriving work environment that supports a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Many of our teachers have been with us for several years, advancing upwards in Administrative or Leadership Delegation Levels as they gain more skills and knowledge.

– 52 week Year-round Pay
– 9 Weeks of Vacation Annually!
– 6 Month Bonuses
– Employee Discounts
– Professional Teacher Development Clinics
– Flexible Teaching Schedules
– Competitive Hourly Rates
– Employer Matching 401K plans
– Dental and Vision Benefits for Employees who work 30+ hours per week
– Discover More Benefits Below

Apply below and we we will be in touch promptly.

We have an amazing team of talented, inspired, motivated Music Teachers, Dance Teachers, Visual Arts Teachers and Arts Administrators who love working at our school.  You could be next!
INCLUDE IN YOUR RESPONSE a warm, enthusiastic cover letter and 3 references. Attach your resume as a .pdf file.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to meeting you.


  • Music Teachers: Applicants must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance / Music Theory/ Education. Preference is given to those who’ve earned MM/MA and/or DM/PhD degrees.
  • Dance Teachers: Applicants are preferred with a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance Performance / Dance Education.
  • Visual Arts Teachers: Applicants are preferred with a minimum of 1 year teaching art classes for children, pre-teens and teens. A Fine Arts Degree is a bonus!
  • Applicants should have at least 1 year of experience teaching children / teens in your discipline.
  • Teachers provide weekly lessons at least 4 days a week to a student body that consists of a wide age range and ability.
  • Applicants must live in San Francisco Bay Area, and have access to reliable transportation.
  • Applicants must be eligible to work long term in the USA, with supporting documentation. We are not currently pursuing candidates who require visa sponsorship.


More employment & advancement opportunities abound with Myriad for available for Teachers & Admin Staff, for qualified team members.
Administrative and Leadership Positions are offered to our experienced, qualified Myriad Team first. In addition, we have more employment opportunities / classroom music teaching positions in local schools, for music teachers who want to enhance their skills.

  • 6 month Performance / Student Retention Bonuses, Sick Pay, and employer-matching 401K plans for all employees. Wage percentage increase upon contract renewals.

  • Our arts administrators work hard to fill teachers' schedules quickly, communicating with families regarding schedule, payment, etc, so you can focus on teaching.

  • Our staff room is a place of support, an on-going exchange of ideas, and friendships.

  • We hire employees not independent contractors. This means you receive curriculum & leadership skill support, and are eligible for the benefits listed below.

  • 52 week, Year-round Pay / Employment with 9 weeks of vacation annually!

  • Teachers receive and maintain a consistent schedule that can be relied upon for year-round income. Most of our teachers have worked at Myriad for 5 years or more because they're finding perks in our community they can't find anywhere else.

  • We provide access to unique resources, creative tools, a robust library, and many quality materials you need to be a great teacher. Be a stand-out in your industry. Here are some of the benefits you can count on at Myriad.

    • We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. At Myriad, we welcome and celebrate differences! We thrive on the benefits diverse employees bring to our school, our families and our community. Myriad is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace for teachers and administrators in education and the performance arts.

    • Simply the BEST on-boarding experience you could possibly wish for! Considerate, informative in-person & video training, loads of on-site and digital resources, best practices for technique, leadership coaching, templates, an amazing library, and team-teaching all help you gain confidence quickly! A great way to boost your skills, gaining the equivalent of years of experience quickly. Benefit now from the smart practices at Myriad, and see the consistent results in your students.
    • Benefits & Bonuses: 6 month High Job Performance / Student Retention Bonuses / 401K Plans for all Employees / Sick Pay Benefits.
    • Profit Sharing Bonuses for Leadership Positions.
    • Enrollment & Retention Goal-setting with Bonuses for Admin Team Members
    • Clean, beautiful classrooms filled with ample resources, engaging props, tools, and technology that enhance everyone’s experience, including our teachers!
    • Robust, proven curriculum in all departments, complete with Student Practice Incentive Programs that work!
    • Free professional development opportunities throughout the year, matched to the unique needs / requests of current teachers and admin staff.
    • Ongoing daily support / guidance / best practice advice from Myriad’s Leadership Team. We’ve got you!

Meet Myriad’s Owner and learn more about the fun opportunities & professional growth waiting for you at our Music & Dance School.


Take a virtual tour of our
organized, multi-sensory classrooms.


Here's what the Teachers and Arts Administrators have to say about working at Myriad!

“There are so many passionate teachers and students here. It’s a great sized music school and I love that a lot of my students know each other from school and play in orchestra together as well. It’s a very kind and supportive community.”
~ Teacher Brenna

“Myriad is by far the best place I’ve ever worked hands down! I’ve never felt so supported and I’m proud to be a part of such a professional team. There is a family atmosphere here that makes you feel as welcome as you are at home. I can always depend on the leadership at Myriad to help in any situation. That’s why I love teaching here!”
~ Teacher Chelsea

“The community of teachers and the abundance of resources for pedagogy. It really is one of the best music academies in the Bay Area for helping to foster quality music education, quality teachers, and a high level of pedagogy.”
~ Teacher Kayla

“I am so grateful for Myriad. I have learned so much not only through our pedagogy meetings, but also through observing how the owners interact with employees and students, and how they choose to run this school. I hope all of the Myriad students realize what a special place this is.”
~ Teacher Brittany

“Myriad is not only developing young musicians and dancers, but they are also developing good people. Myriad has given me a strong curriculum that offers growth and life skill development for their students. I have been very impressed with the amount of work that goes into my training as an arts educator to provide the best experience for my students. Myriad does not take the role of teaching lightly, and I am grateful to be part of a company that values individual growth and recognizes a child’s cognitive and creative path of learning.”
~ Director / Teacher Mattea

“I love teaching at a music school that allows me to prioritize my student’s vocal health and to choose repertoire for them that is vocally safe and appropriate for their age level.”
~ Teacher Dylan

“I appreciate the spirit of achievement that exists here. It keeps me focused on achieving my next objectives and helping my students do the same.”
~ Teacher Kieran

“I’ve been teaching at Myriad for 4 years and I still feel like I am learning a lot. We have a teachers’ teacher, great staff, resources, newly decorated snack room, fast Wi-Fi, etc.”
~ Teacher Peter

“I love the friendly and supportive community of teachers!”
~ Teacher Jameson

“Myriad has a well-organized structure. Teachers receive great support from the leadership team.”
~ Teacher Isabel

“Being part of the teaching community here at Myriad, of which is full of so many creative, insightful and inspiring people. It’s really great connect with other teachers and to gain insight into different teaching approaches and styles.”
~ Teacher Jules

“I want to thank Myriad for this job and experience, as it has taught me so much. l have grown so much since I started working here. I do not think I would be the same person I am today without the opportunity to work with Amanda and all of the other wonderful Myriad staff that I’ve been able to work alongside.”
~ Teacher Iliessa

“Everything is very organized and I always feel supported.”
~ Teacher Jane

“Myriad has an abundance of resources to choose from for my students. I’ve felt myself improve as a teacher over the years with Myriad’s Pedagogy training.”
~ Teacher Amy

“Myriad fosters a supportive environment with friendly teachers and a plethora of resources. It’s also wonderful to take part in pedagogy meetings and see how the school lives out its values. I definitely appreciate this community that values both students and teachers equally.”
~ Teacher Tiffany

“At Myriad, I help students discover the music they love, while developing a sense of peace and happiness in the learning process.”
~ Teacher Matt

“I really enjoy the people, the systems, and the resources.”
~ Teacher Tak

“I appreciate the teacher-focused, well-supplied classrooms!”
~ Teacher Jeffrey

“I enjoy the community and how much I have learnt from every teacher here.”
~ Teacher Justine

“I enjoy the presence of care, effort, and warmth at Myriad.”
~ Teacher Kay

“My teaching goals strongly align with Myriad’s mission. I really value the importance of having fun, helping students discover their unique style as a musician, and inspiring students to enjoy music their entire lives!”
~ Teacher Austin

“I love the environment at Myriad. It is so positive and up lifting. I feel very blessed to be a part of the teaching staff.”
~ Teacher Nathaniel

“I enjoy working at Myriad as an Admin Assistant! It’s a positive working environment with friendly people to work with. I appreciate the support I get from my Admin Team, and I like supporting the teachers and coworkers here.”
~ Arts Admin Melody

“What I love most about working at Myriad is the positivity, support and encouragement I receive on a daily basis from my Admin Team, Owners and Directors. I’m so lucky to work with such kind and caring people and be a part of an amazing collection of talented music and dance teachers. We truly have some of the best in the Bay Area and it’s an honor to be a part of this community.”
~ Arts Admin Lead, Krissy

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