Performance Events

We have a performance event suited to every aged student~ preschoolers & up – at every ability level. You will receive an invitation newsletter / email from your Teachers and Directors for the Performance Event that will give you the best experience. This is always our first priority. Welcome to our Performance Events!

Refer to the current Myriad Calendar for dates.

To Register for these events, access Sign Up Genius using the link on your newsletter / email invitation tailored to your performance event. These newsletters and emails will give you detailed times, class lengths, venue and sign up instructions. For assistance, call our office or email, and our Arts Administrators will assist you.


Refer to your Performance Event Newsletters / Emails  / Sign Up Genius Invitations for details. 

Winter Concerts for Intermediate – Advanced Musicians are held in January.
Winter Concert for Children’s Chorus & Glee Singers are held in January.

Spring Concerts for Intermediate  – Advanced Musicians are held in May.
Spring Jazz / Pop Concert for select performers are held in May.
By Teacher Recommendation.
Spring Concert for Children’s Chorus & Glee Singers in May

Performance spots are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis, through on-line sign ups on Sign Up Genius. Look for your newsletter invitation from your child’s teacher and an email invitation from Myriad.

Intermediate & Advanced Musician Concert  Location in San Mateo
Congregational Church of Belmont
751 Alameda de las Pulgas
Belmont, CA
Click on link for map.

Chorus & Glee Concert Location in San Mateo
Transfiguration Episcopal Church San Mateo
3900 Alameda de las Pulgas
San Mateo, 94403 CA
Click on link for map

Call Time
Students should be dropped off at their designated call time for warm-up. No audience seating at this time. Parents do not attend the pre-concert rehearsals.

Performance durations are typically about an hour to an hour and a half. A reception will be held during intermission and after the performance. We so appreciate families who contribute to our refreshments, providing a celebratory feast for our special performers. Thank you!

Dress is nice casual. No hoodies, jeans (blue, black or otherwise), t-shirts, tank tops or running shoes, please. These are solid guidelines to help our students dress for a stage performance, honoring their craft, and all of the work it took to prepare for this performance.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Ribbon Weeks are held 2 times per year, for families to come and share the experiences of their dancer, be informed about dance process, and celebrate unit completions of our dance goals.

Spring Dance Showcase
For Dress Rehearsal and Showcase times and locations, refer to your Spring Dance Showcase Newsletter for all details. 


Students attend 2 Playing Parties per year. You may choose 2 of these 4 dates.
Refer to your Playing Party Newsletters & Emails for event details.

Definitely plan on attending Playing Party #4 as 1 of your 2 choices!
Medals and Gold Pin Awards will be awarded at the final Playing Party to celebrate the year’s achievements!

Fall Playing Party #1
Winter Playing Party #2
March Playing Party #3
June Playing Party #4
All Playing Party students should be at this event. Medals, and Gold Pin Awards will be awarded on this date to celebrate the year’s achievements!


Our Tween & Teen Students, in the beginning and early-intermediate stages of learning their instruments  attend 2 Teen Master Classes per year, Winter & Spring.
Refer to your Teen Master Class Newsletters & Emails for event details.


Workshops are unique to Myriad. Our teachers are always amazed at the positive impacts Workshops have on our private music lesson students. All of our performers, at all levels, gain confidence, perspective, and refinement by participating in this practical, nurturing and reflective format. Read more below, regarding what our students learn during Workshop Week.

Workshops are held twice a year, once in January and once in May. This schedule includes all Private Lesson Students, except adult students. Private lesson students attend their workshops, in place of their regularly scheduled lessons. Each student attends one class. Classes are an hour in length. Class size is limited to 13 students. 1 class per student.

Chorus & Glee will attend Monday Choir rehearsals during this week. Kid’s Uke Band & Adult Uke Jam students will attend classes during this week. Piano Team, Violin Team & Guitar Team classes will NOT meet during this week.

To choose a Workshop time, refer to your Workshop Week Newsletters & Emails from Myriad. Follow the instructions to access your Sign Up Genius Invites from Myriad.

Benefits: What students learn during Workshop Week

The art of performance can pose a challenge for young musicians. The more we practice playing in front of others the easier it becomes. In Workshop classes, students of various levels gain confidence performing for each other in an intimate setting with peers and several teachers. We focus on techniques to ease anxiety, introduce relaxation methods, refine musicality and performance poise. Students listen constructively to each other and have an opportunity to share feedback about musical concepts. We learn how to actively listen to live music and reinforce vocabulary to talk about performance practices. Most importantly, our students see others facing the same challenges they experience, and they don’t feel alone in their lesson studies. This is a positive week in a safe environment, trying out performance material. Students with accompaniments have time to work with their accompanists. All students need goals like Workshops to improve.

All students must attend Workshops to be eligible for their designated Performance Events.

In-Pogress Weeks and our final Graduation Day in the Spring are informative, wonderful Family Sharing times.

For families of Music Foundations Classes:
Young Musicians, Superstars, ABC Preschool Music Classes,
Preschool Music & Dance Combo Classes.

Share in the progress your young dancer or musician has made in class on these days. The children will have performance songs to perform and musical skill games to share with you! Dancers receive progress Ribbons. There are 2 In-Progress Weeks and one final June Graduation Day during the School Year.

Refer to the current Myriad Calendar.