Mini Flutes

Smart First Flute Class for children ages 5 ~ 8. This is the place where your child gains smart foundations in flute, plus musical literacy, ensemble playing and much more!


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We welcome you and your child to this unique class, where we teach flute and wind instrument foundations to the whole child, with activities that activate all senses, in a vibrant, alive classroom environment. This class begins with the Nuvo TooT instrument, which is the perfect beginning wind instrument for small hands and smaller lungs, with all of the same features as the modern flute. Easier to make a sound, easier to press the finger keys, easier to clean, and more affordable.! This beginning flute is included in your materials.

Nuvo TooT boasts the following features, which makes it the perfect first instrument for our Mini Flutes Class.

  • Firstnote Lip Plate helps student get started
  • Standard lip plate to learn real flute embouchure
  • Silicone keys to help small fingers
  • In the key of C and fully chromatic
  • Plays over 1.5 octave
  • Easy to play, easy to clean!

Mini Flutes is a class that provides the best foundation for beginning wind instrument skills, enhancing the eye / ear / brain functions needed to coordinate breathing, lip positions, fingering and ear-training skills.

Mini Flute students will also learn how to recognize and read flute notes on the staff.  These young winds musicians are learning educational, adorable songs on their Nuvo TooTs with the added bonus of pitched percussion and keyboard additions, for extra fun.

Give your child a musical gift today, connecting them with other students in this clever, collaborative environment.

We learn the flute in a way that is adapted for young children’s smaller hands and wind power. Most importantly, these students are learning to play the flute / wind instruments plus exploring the other elements essential to smart musicianship.

Consequently, they jump into our school’s band programs full of confidence, enthusiasm, complete with flute embouchure and fingering knowledge . We teach flute to the whole child, with activities that activate all senses, in a vibrant, alive classroom environment.

This class is the perfect, smart flute foundations class, with so many additional perks! 

Materials included are:

  • Nuvo TooT Beginning Flute
  • As the students progress, your Mini Flutes Teacher will let you and child know when it is time to upgrade to the next Flute model.
  • Lesson Book for weekly home practice
  • Fingering Chart
  • Videos