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During your Summer Break

During the summer break

We encourage our students to take it easy but it can be quite a shock to stop playing all together for three weeks and then suddenly pick back up where you left off. Even playing 1 scale or doing a run-through of your performance piece is helpful.

You can also try to pick out the melody of your favorite pop song! Give your fine-motor skills and your brain this short-term visit together instead of creating a long length of time between practice sessions/lessons. This keeps your skills alive, rather than starting all over again in the fall. 

How To Be a Powerful Performer

1.Confidence- put on your super hero mask and do the “power pose,” even if you don’t feel confident. You may be surprised at how you feel afterward.

2.Take a bow- it is so important to give a good bow after your performance. Remember that you are thanking the audience for listening. We practice this a lot during Workshop Week, but practice at home too!

3.Have fun! You are sharing a unique talent that showcases YOU and who you have become through music. Enjoy it!

Happy Workshop Week from the Myriad Music and Dance Team!

Build Highways in your Brain!

Piano Lessons Myriad Music School

Piano Practice

Practicing a new skill is hard. Sometimes it feels impossible and can be very discouraging. Luckily, Myriad Music School is here to bring you some good news.

The reason learning a new skill (specifically an instrument) is hard is because you are building new pathways in your brain. We call these “Lighting Bolt Highways”. When you are practicing something new between your 2 hands, or with your feet, you are sending lighting bold messages across the 2 hemispheres of your brain. This creates new highways for the information to travel along.

In order for this information to last for your whole lifetime you have to send that message across 10,000 times! See how amazing you are by just sitting down to practice?