Myriad’s Top 4 Reasons Summer Guitar Lessons Are Worth It

Myriad’s Top 4 Reasons Summer Guitar Lessons Are Worth It

Our Top 4 Reasons for Summer Guitar Lessons

Kids work hard all school year; it’s important that they spend their summers having fun and relaxing. Luckily for your young musician, summer guitar lessons are a great way to have fun and chill out, while also making their summer vacation a productive one.


1: Use It or Lose It

Playing guitar is the only way to develop and maintain the physical and mental skills you need to play guitar. If you know anyone who’s taken significant time off from practicing, they can tell you of the sore wrists and fingers they got when they started playing again. They can tell you about the frustration they experienced when they couldn’t play as smoothly or for as long as they used to. When your child signs up for summer guitar lessons, they’re avoiding the frustrating experience of having to shake the rust off later.

2: Less Distractions, Greater Focus

Those three months of progress we mentioned? For a dedicated young musician, they can be even more valuable than three months of progress during the school year. Does your child love practicing in their free time? Maybe they have a hard time focusing on music when they’ve had a long day at school? Summer guitar lessons give children an opportunity to learn free of the stresses, distractions, and fatigue they might experience during the busy school year. With the extra time and energy comes extra focus and enthusiasm. We often find our students improving even faster over the summer than they do during the rest of the year!

3: Spending Time With Your Awesome Teacher

We know how important the relationship is between a young musician and their teacher. A good student-teacher relationship helps a child to develop more than just their music skills, but their confidence and self-esteem. At Myriad, our teachers genuinely love seeing our students’ passion for music grow as their skills progress. Why run the risk of losing that by dropping lessons over the summer? That said, don’t worry if your child has to miss a few weeks of classes over the summer. At Myriad, make-ups never expire, so your child can catch up on lessons when they’re able to start up again. Just be sure to call our front desk and let us know about your vacation time ASAP!

(And Most of All) 4: It’s Fun!

We know this isn’t a surprise, but here at Myriad one of our favorite things about playing guitar (and music in general) is how much fun it is! Maybe your child wants to learn how to play some new songs. Or they need help working on their guitar solo for their band’s latest song. Perhaps they’re a complete beginner, and together you’ve decided that this summer is the right time for them to pick up a fun new hobby. Whatever their goals, we guarantee they’ll have a blast with summer guitar lessons at Myriad.

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