How The Guitar Has Evolved


The exact origin of the guitar still remains a mystery. Even though we can’t definitively pinpoint the origin of the guitar, we can see how the guitar has evolved throughout history.

The ancestors of the guitar are two other stringed instruments called the lute and the oud, both of which predate written history. The next major innovation in guitars came with the flat top acoustic guitar which was largely invented by American guitar maker, Christian Martin. Although there are many variations, this general guitar style remains the most popular acoustic style to this day more than 200 years after its initial creation.

The next major guitar innovation came from the electrified arch top guitar, which is commonly credited to Orville Gibson. With the help of guitarist/inventor Les Paul, the Gibson company further advanced the electric guitar with the solid body electric. Shortly after, Leo Fender, created another variation on the solid body electric guitar with the creation of the Telecaster. Gibson and Fenders are still the two most popular and sought after electric guitars to this day.

The next time you are playing your guitar, or if you are deciding to start your guitar journey, take a second to appreciate the ancient origins and rich evolution of this fascinating instrument!