Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Violin Practice

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Violin Practice

Violin practice is about more than just picking up and playing the instrument. Each session needs to be properly prepared. Here’s a handy guide to help your child get the most out of every practice session.


Coming Up With Daily Violin Practice Goals

The way your child gets ready to practice violin is extremely important. They should read their assignment sheet, and go over what they learned in their last lesson. What tips and suggestions did their teacher have for them? Are there any areas of their playing that need extra attention? Violin practice is most beneficial when done with a specific purpose in mind; this could be anything from working on bowing skills, to practicing a piece of music for an upcoming performance. Having a plan for the goal of each individual practice session, and for the week as a whole, can make a big difference. Of course, Myriad’s teachers are here to help with this!

Tidy Up and Set Up

They’ll get the most out of their violin practice session if everything is set up properly before they begin. All materials should be organized and readied. Is their stand at the correct height? Do they have their sheet music ready? It can also help their concentration if the room they’re practicing in is neat and tidy. If your child regularly finds themselves having to pause their practice because they forgot something they need, it can be useful for them to have a checklist to go over before every session.

Tune Up and Warm Up

Make sure their violin is properly tuned before every practice, and that their bow is properly tightened. It can also help if they warm up with a little bowing practice; just a minute or two to get their arm loose and relaxed and their bowing smooth, flat, and at a consistent distance from the bridge. This will make it easier to both get into the right mindset for playing, and to start the violin practice session with a clear, pleasant sound.

Wrapping Up (This Post)

Whether they’re taking private lessons, part of one of Myriad’s violin teams, or both, having a solid practice routine an important part of every student’s success. Following this guide will help ensure your child’s violin practices go smoothly, free of unnecessary distractions and pauses. The extra time spent preparing won’t just make the practice more effective, but more enjoyable for everyone.