Top 3 Reasons Summer Performing Arts Camps Rock!

Top 3 Reasons Summer Performing Arts Camps Rock!

The weather’s getting warmer, the end of the (craziest) school year (ever) is approaching, and families around the world are making plans for the summer. You want your child, or children, to have fun. But you also want their summer to be productive. When you sign them up for one of Myriad’s TOTALLY AWESOME Performing Arts Camps, you’re signing them up for a fun, educational experience they’ll remember forever. Here’s our top 3 reasons to sign your child up for a summer performing arts camp!


Reason 1: Adventure! Excitement!

More than ever, this is a summer where kids need and deserve to get out of the house and enjoy just being kids. A week-long adventure might be just the thing they need! Does your child enjoy Star Wars? Superheroes? The wizarding world of a certain trademarked series of bestselling children’s novels? Maybe your teenager has dreams of being the next Phil Collins…or a some cooler, more modern rockstar? Myriad’s got summer performing arts camps based around all of those, and more!

Reason 2: Friendship!

Myriad’s performing arts camps provide an ideal environment for your child to make new friends. Our themed weeks help give our campers common interests to begin building friendships around. Our small group sizes help each group of campers become its own close-knit circle as they spend the week participating in daily dance, music, and theater classes. And if your child has a friend who wants to attend a summer performing arts camp with them, be sure to ask about our Bring-A-Friend referral tuition discounts!

Reason 3: A Recipe for Continuing Success

Did you know that music education is connected to improved language and math skills? Or that dance classes increase children’s self esteem? They do! Participation in the performing arts brings a whole host of benefits on top of improving your child’s performing arts skills. Teamwork, self-discipline, exercise, creativity, and more are all nurtured in programs like Myriad’s summer performing arts camps. Sign your child up today, and set them up for success this summer, next school year, and beyond.