Summer Piano Practice Tips

Summer Piano Practice Tips

Tips for Your Summer Piano Practice

For kids and adults, summer is synonymous with relaxation. But it’s important not to get lazy – especially for pianists. A summer without practice leads to a loss of skill and ability. To help make this summer a productive one, here’s 3 tips for summer piano practice!


Warm Up

Playing piano for a significant length of time is physically demanding. Do some stretches, wiggle your fingers, maybe do some arm circles or jumping jacks. You can even do a little yoga, if you’re so inclined. Try to shake off any tension in your neck, back, arms, and legs. The important thing is to get yourself feeling limber and energized. Playing piano well requires excellent posture and agile hands. Warming up properly helps with that, and will also make you feel more comfortable while you play.

Remember the Basics

A solid foundation in the basics is key to mastering anything, and piano is no exception. If you or your child aren’t sure about what to practice on a given day, you can’t go wrong with the fundamentals. So called “beginner” songs like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star are worth playing for pianists of all skill levels. You might be surprised at just how much your playing can improve from taking extra time to focus on the basics; you might even get creatively inspired. Just ask Mozart.

Consistency is Key

The most important thing to do when it comes to summer piano practice is to do it regularly. This doesn’t mean you or your child have to play for two hours every day! But having consistent, scheduled piano practice times goes a long way. Just fifteen minutes a day a few days a week will at least help prevent backsliding. An added bonus is that the productive feeling regular practice creates, in turn motivates a musician to keep practicing and getting better. We’ve also found that young musicians who practice regularly on their own over the summer tend to have a deeper fondness for the instrument by the time the new school year begins!

You Don’t Have to Practice Piano On Your Own

In order to truly reach their potential, a pianist should be receiving regular instruction, whether on-one or in a group. Having the guidance of the right teacher makes all the difference. On-site or online, Myriad has a team of experienced, dedicated piano teachers ready to help make this summer a productive one for our students.