Playing Ukulele is Great for Everyone

Playing Ukulele is Great for Everyone

What do Neil Armstrong, Warren Buffett, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have in common? (Aside from being super famous and successful.) They all play ukulele! Just what makes this small, versatile little instrument so popular? Read on to find out. This is Myriad’s top 4 reasons why playing ukulele is great for everyone!


Ukuleles are Super Affordable

Right off the bat, you can get a decent ukulele for cheap. You can find a good beginner’s ukulele for as little as $50. This makes the bar for entry a lot lower than most instruments. If you end up getting super into it, even high end, expensive ukeleles cost around $500 – compare this to, say, high end guitars which can cost over $1500. Whether you’re interested in buying one for yourself or your child, it’s an affordable (and super worthwhile) investment.

People of All Ages Can Play the Ukulele

On average, ukuleles are only about 20% the size of guitars. The small size means ukuleles don’t require too much strength and dexterity of the hands and fingers. 3 year olds, 33 year olds, and 93 year olds can all learn and play chords on the ukulele with little to no difficulty. There’s also just something inherently soothing and uplifting about them. It’s a scientific fact that nobody in human history has ever had a bad time playing ukulele. All this makes it so they’re super fun and relaxing to learn, regardless of you age and whether or not you have any prior musical experience.

You Can Play Ukulele Anywhere

Because of their small size and weight, ukuleles are easy to store and carry anywhere. This means you can practice and play anywhere you want! Well, except maybe at the library. Going on vacation? It’ll fit in your carry-on luggage. You can bring it to work with you and practice on break. You can take it on a hike, and relax with your ukulele out in nature. (My personal favorite is playing on Tunitas Beach.)

Myriad Has Ukulele Classes for Everyone!

If you or your child – maybe even both of you – want to pick up the perfect summer instrument, Myriad’s ukulele teachers are here to help. Our summer ukulele classes for kids start June 21st, as do our summer ukulele jams for adults. Of course, we also provide private lessons, both in person and online! We can’t wait to share the joys of ukulele with you this summer. (Okay, all this talk of playing ukulele has made me want to play ukulele, so I’m gonna go do that.)