Holiday Concert – ‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly

Our students are invited to participate in Myriad Music School’s mid-December Virtual Holiday Concerts. Myriad’s Students & Teachers will be bringing beautiful music into your home!

Your child’s Myriad Teacher will help choose a fun, appropriate song choice. We want our students to feel prepared and confident with their holiday music selection. This is an invitation for students who wish to participate and celebrate the Holiday Music that many of us cherish, contributing to the Holiday Spirit. 

Our students will be placed in performance pods of similar ages / levels. Our goal is to facilitate each pod in a way that helps our students feel comfortable and have a positive experience. Everyone is in for a treat with Teacher Holiday Performances too!

Stay tuned for Virtual Holiday Concert mid-December Dates & Times coming your way.

In celebration of our Musicians of all Ages, 

Simone, Keith & the Myriad Team