Dance & Pilates Classes

All Music and Dance program lessons are offered via live video classes. Contact us to get started

  • The New Normal: We are currently running all lessons & classes virtually with great success!
  • When will we resume on-site instruction? Our #1 guiding principal has been simply that our school remains a place where our students and teachers feel safe.
  • We will be offering on-site instruction when the County Directives have been well-established. We need time to train staff and take the safety measures with classrooms and lobbies.
  • Updates will be provided on June 1st, July 1st, and August 1st


Enrollment is on-going! It is never too late to join our music or dance lessons and classes. Register for a class below

Adult Dance Classics

Ages 18 & older

Dance is for Adults too…Join the fun!

It’s never too late to jump in and experience the joy of dance! This class is for Adult Dancers, all levels. Our enthusiastic, nurturing teacher will cover dance foundations, strengtheners, stretches and warm-ups. Ballet barre work, emphasizing core strength and dance foundations are a feature of each class, creating an informed base for all dance styles. Together, we will explore the dance styles that resonate with you. Ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop components are covered throughout the year. As a result, we can help our adult dancers obtain a comprehensive skill set. Eventually, you’ll be able to choose a dance style that suits you for future classes. Safety and physical readiness are always our top priorities.

Fitness & Joy for Adults!

Come join us for the fun, keep yourself fit in style, in a small intimate class setting. This class is great for flexibility of the body and the mind, all at once.
Tone your body and find the joy in movement ~ always an uplifting experience!