Myriad Music’s Covid Safety Measures

We are currently running all lessons & classes virtually with GREAT SUCCESS!

When will we resume on-site instruction?
Our #1 guiding principal has always been that our school remains a place where our students, parents, and teachers feel safe. We will be back on-site when the County Directives are well-established and we have trained our staff on the new safety measures regarding our students, classrooms, and lobbies.

The New Normal

  • We are currently teaching lessons & classes virtually with great success!
  • When will we resume on-site instruction? Here’s how we are taking care of everyone in our community.
  • Our #1 guiding principal has been simply that our school remain a place where our students and teachers feel safe.
  • We will be on-site when the County Directives have been well established. We are carefully preparing staff training and putting covid safety measures in place in our classrooms and lobbies. Our team will not rush back to on-site instruction until we feel confident with our covid safety measures. Most importantly, we know our families and teachers will appreciate this approach.


  • Virtual instruction will continue through our 6-week Summer Term.
  • We will continue to provide updates on June 1st, July 1st, and August 1st for School Year Directives.


  • Staff will submit daily health checks approved by UCSF Medical Center.
  • Medical-grade air purifiers in each classroom.
  • Thorough sanitation for all surfaces / instruments / chairs / barres, dance floor, etc with CDC approved disinfectants between lessons & classes
  • Hand washing before and after classes.
  • Staff will wear face coverings.

Physical Distancing:

  • Limit your time in the school. Wait outside until your class time. Students are in the building 5 minutes before their lesson time and 5 minutes after their lesson time.
  • 5 minute max for indoor seating with safe distancing. Unlimited time for outdoor seating with safe distancing. Give your fellow schoolmates space.
  • Limit family members who are not registered for classes from entering the building unnecessarily, for everyone’s safety.
  • Small music & dance class sizes always at Myriad! That is just one way we consistently deliver quality assurance.

Contact Free:

  • Remember to bring your own materials each week, so you don’t have to borrow school books and supplies.