Padmini T, Age 7

Instrument / Teacher: Piano with Teacher Jeffrey

Why was Padmini nominated?

It’s a joy to play musical games with Padmini, whether it’s tossing a ball and singing a lesson song, making up silly poses, or floating around the piano bench in a dynamic duet, all of our lessons have been fun and musically nutritious. Padmini is also consistent practicer (no surprise!), doing 5-15 minutes almost everyday and recording those minutes on her assignment sheet. She always does her best and with a smile!  ~ Teacher Jeffrey

Q: How long have you been taking piano lessons?
A: 2 Years

Q: What do you enjoy most about your music lessons and seeing your teacher each week?
A: I really like beat lessons like tossing the ball and singing the song with Teacher Jeffrey.

Q: Do you have a favorite genre of music that you like to listen to?
A: Classical Music.

Q: When you are practicing your instrument at home, between lessons, what helps you do your best? Practice advice / tips to share with other music students?
A: When Teacher Jeffrey writes in the binder, it helps me to read the notes later when I practice. For practice tips, I would say practice the hard things first and then practice the pieces that are easier. This way you work on things you need the most practice on when you have most energy.

Q: What are some of your other interests? What do you do for fun besides music?
A: I love doing gymnastics and playing with my puppy.

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Why was Trinity nominated?

Trinity is truly a joy to have in class. Trinity is a beautiful dancer inside and out. She is a great friend to everyone in class, and she works very hard. I am so proud of Trinity’s creativity, positivity, and determination! ~ Teacher Mattea

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Q: What Classes are you taking at Myriad?
A: Jazz / Hippity Hop

Q: How many years have you been taking dance classes?
A: I have been dancing for 3 months.

Q: What do you love most about your dance classes and seeing your teacher and fellow dancers each week? Describe some fun or inspiring things you do together in your class.
A: I like my teacher. We do jumping jacks and dance steps.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to share about becoming a good dancer, that may inspire other dance students?
A: Being kind and trying new things.

Q: What are some of your other interests?
A: Play around with the scarves for dance. I like reading books and learning to play violin.

Why was Kyle nominated?

Kyle always does his homework diligently. He never forgets to bring his folder every week. He’s such a great student! ~ Teacher Isabel

Q: What Classes are you taking at Myriad?
A: Superstar Young Musicians and Glee Mini Singers.

Q: What do you love most about your music class and seeing your music teacher each week? Describe the fun activities you enjoy in your class.
A: I like the games we play in class. I think Miss Isabel is really kind.

Q: What are some other special things you’d like to share about yourself? Does anyone else in your family play a musical instrument? Do you have a pet? Do you play any sports? Tell us more about YOU! What are some of the things that makes you special?
A: I have a pet dog. I like to build LEGOs. I play soccer.


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Bruce H, Age 8, Piano Student: I’ve found that sitting the piano in a bright window, facing outside, has been the most productive place for me to practice. A piece of advice is to exercise your body and practice piano early every day. Sometimes it can get really hard, but you have to keep practicing to figure out the solutions.

Why is Bruce in Myriad’s Hall of Fame? Bruce goes above and beyond with practice time. He frequently practices more than 200 minutes per week! He is excited about piano, and often adds his own spin to the songs he learns and transposing them into different keys. He also spends time exploring the piano and writing his own compositions.” ~ Teacher Amy

“My advice is to exercise your body and practice piano early every day” ~ Bruce H, Age 8

“I like the game part. There are different games on different days. I love every one of them!” ~ Arielle L, Age 5

Arielle L, Age 5, Superstar Young Musicians Student and Ballet Dance Student: I like the game part of my classes. There are different games on different days. I love every one of them. Me and my family love to play music and sing and dance together, including our toddler brother. I like ballet, too. I go to a ballet class here at Myriad.

Why is Arielle in Myriad’s Hall of Fame? “Abrielle brings a lot positive energy to our Superstars class! She is doing a great job of learning the songs each week, and she is very encouraging to the other students in the class!” ~ Teacher Austin

Elise K, Age 8, Piano Student: I like so many different kinds of music. I like to put my piano books out where I can see them every day so I don’t forget to practice.Taking piano lessons has helped me to learn responsibility and that practice makes progress.

Why is Elise in Myriad’s Hall of Fame? “Elise comes prepared every week and always practices at least five days. She arrives inspired and is consistently motivated to learn more.” ~ Teacher Amy

“I like having fun learning new songs with my friends!” ~ Elise K, Age 8

Dance has helped me figure out how to healthily express myself and my emotions. ~ Samantha S, Age 17

Samantha S, Age 17, AcroDance Level 3/4, Contemporary / Ballet Level 4, Contemporary /Jazz Level 4: I love the supportive environment and getting to create and choreograph with other dancers during class. Becoming a good dancer means being able to take compliments and constructive criticism and applying it to improve. Dance has helped me figure out how to healthily express myself and my emotions.

Why is Samantha in Myriad’s Hall of Fame? Sam always sets a great example to the other dancers in class regardless of their age or level. Her commitment to dance has helped her grow into a strong and creative individual and I’m so proud of her! ~ Teacher Amanda