You’re Invited to the Virtual Spring Music Party!

You’re Invited to the Virtual Spring Music Party!

This March we’re planning a Spring Music Celebration together with your children. Join the Myriad students & Teachers for a Virtual Spring Music Party on Saturday March 6th at 2:00pm.

This is exclusively for our Preschool Music, Young Musician and Superstar students and their families & friends!  Your hosts Teacher Richard, Teacher Chynna and Teacher Marian are excited to bring some spring cheer to you and your children in your own home. Learn what your child is working on in music class and see what they’ve accomplished so far. Your child will enjoy being together with you and other families, sharing spring themed music and activities.

Invite a friend~ the more, the merrier!
This season is about engagement and being together. We ask all families to invite remote family members, friends and their families. You may share the Spring Party Link with any of your family members, neighbors, friends far and near. Let’s really make this a festive party. Your child will be amazed at the excitement and community they have generated!
We want your child to feel the power of music, the sharing and togetherness it can create.

Your child and their teacher are planning these fun activities for all of us to enjoy together!

  • Spring Ensemble Songs
  • Teacher Performances
  • Rhythm Hop-A-About
  • Old Lady No Nose Family & Friends Dance

We are looking forward to celebrating the season together with you and the people who are dear to your little one!