Why Consistent Attendance Matters!

Why Consistent Attendance Matters!

Hi everyone! First off, we want to say Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful time over the holidays. Over the years, we’ve had a lot of students talk to us about music related New Year’s resolutions. We often get asked something along the lines of “what’s the best thing I can do to achieve my musical goals for the year?” And one key thing that applies to all our students and all their goals is this: consistent attendance!


Consistent Attendance Optimizes Students’ Potential


Consistent attendance of music lessons gives music learners the skills, techniques, and confidence they need to become great performers. At Myriad, our teachers have the training and experience to help guide our students on their journeys as musicians. Each student, whether they’re in group classes or taking private lessons, receives instruction and guidance specific to themselves and their abilities. When our students attend their lessons regularly, they’re maximizing the rate at which they can learn and grow as musicians! Plus, our teaching methods make for fun classes and lessons!


Use It or Lose It


It’s important to remember that prolonged time away from practicing can result in a loss of ability, and regularly missing lessons can cause progress to stagnate. That said, we understand that sometimes students missing lessons is unavoidable. Which is why at Myriad, make-up lessons never expire! So if you or your child has to miss a lesson, whether due to illness, going on vacation, or something else – just let us know when they’ll be out, and we’ll reschedule their lesson for another time!


The Motivation Factor


Lastly, we’ve found that our students take pride in knowing how much work they regularly put into being the best musicians they can. And when students take pride in their work, they’re developing intrinsic motivation – the best kind of motivation! As their skills and confidence increase, they become excited for their upcoming classes. And motivated students are productive students!


Whatever you or your child’s musical goals for the year, just remember that arguably the most important thing is showing up to learn. From there, our awesome teachers will know what you need to do to succeed. And they’ll help make sure that you do!

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