Three Tips to Improve Your Home Voice Practice

Three Tips to Improve Your Home Voice Practice

Do you want to start voice practice at home, but aren’t sure where to start? Are you already in the habit, but looking for ways to take your practice to the next level? We’ve got you covered! Here’s three tips to help improve your home voice practice!


Home Voice Practice, Tip One: Finding the First Note

Just as musicians make sure their instruments are properly tuned before they play, you should make sure your voice is properly tuned before you sing. Do you have a way to find the correct starting pitch while practicing? A simple keyboard, or a keyboard app on your phone will do. This is important because you never want to practice your songs with notes that are too high or too low.

Tip Two: Practicing with YouTube

You can find most of the pieces you are practicing on YouTube. This is a helpful tool to hear what the piece sounds like, but DO NOT practice by singing along with the singer in the video. You want to the song being performed properly, and use that as an example to evaluate your own voice and progress. So don’t mask your own voice with a recording while you practice. (Also, make sure the singer in the video is singing the piece properly.)

Tip Three: Sing in Front of a Mirror

Do you have a mirror? (We’re guessing you do.) Mirrors are one of the best feedback tools you can find. Spend some time studying your reflection when you practice. A mirror will tell you if your mouth is open enough, if your shoulders are rising, if you are tipping your neck back too far, if you are slouching, if you are smiling. You might be surprised at how much this can help your form and posture – and how much those effect your voice!

With these three tips in mind, you should be ready to start practicing at home in a way that produces results! But of course, the best way to improve your voice is with dedicated, one-on-one coaching. Whether you’re an experienced performer or just beginning to find your voice, Myriad’s here for you. (And with options for both in-person and online lessons, now you can find your voice without having to leave the house!)