Three Simple Tips for Home Music Practice

Three Simple Tips for Home Music Practice

Here at Myriad, students are expected to regularly practice at home. Consistent daily practice is one of the most important things a music leaner needs to do, regardless of age or skill level. We know that it can be tough knowing where to start when it comes to practicing at home. So today we’re sharing three simple tips for home music practice!

Mapping Your Music:

When you start learning a new piece of music, it’s always a good idea to map out the music before playing it. At its most basic, this is as simple as making sure you know where your hands and fingers should be for the first note, and where they’ll move to throughout the piece. This should be done before even playing a note. For more advanced students, mapping can be more detailed and complicated. It can involve a whole bunch of things like plotting out the form, sequences, phrasing, dynamics and counting numbers for particularly tricky rhythms. It can always help to ask your teacher for help working out how to do this effectively!

Slow and Steady:

This one can be especially helpful when you’re trying to learn a piece that’s been giving you trouble – or when you’re worried a new piece is going to! It’s simple but effective. Make your practice tempo slower than you think it should be. Give yourself time to navigate new finger numbers, chord shapes, articulation, dynamics, and hand shifts before playing your piece at it’s intended tempo. This will help make it less frustrating to just get through a piece, it will make it easier play through the piece correctly, and also to identify and correct the specific parts that have been giving you trouble.

There’s No Need to Overdo It!

One of the best things about practicing often and consistently is that not every practice session needs to be very long. We’ve found that just 5-7 minutes a day is sufficient practice for a young beginner; with them, too much practice at once can be overwhelming. For older students, and those with a more advanced repertoire, we have found that at least 15 minutes of focused practice a day is required in order to make steady progress. And of course, if a student wants to practice more than that, they can and they should be encouraged to!

We encourage all our students to give three simple tips for home music practice a try. Even if they don’t end up using them often (please at least practice often though), they’re useful to have in one’s repertoire. And these are just a small sample of the kinds of things students learn at Myriad! We’ve just started up our fall 2021-spring 2022 classes, and it’s not too late to sign up! Whether it’s our piano teams for your youngsters, private piano lessons for your slightly older youngsters (and maybe you also!), or another instrument – we have plenty of classes and teachers, both in person and online, for all ages. And we are really excited about this school year! We hope you are too, and we’re looking forward to another awesome year of music learning with all of you.