Supercharging the Brain with Song and Dance!

Supercharging the Brain with Song and Dance!

“Activities that provide an opportunity for flexibility, change or rearrangement encourage creativity. The creative process enhances the child’s ability to think in different ways, extending the thought process.”- The Creative Arts, by Linda Carol Edwards.

Myriad’s preschool music classes are great for a lot of reasons. One of our favorite things about them is getting to see our students get in touch with their creativity! It’s genuinely amazing how each child’s individual personality and perspective shows through the way they sing and dance. What is it about singing and dancing that gets kids’ minds working? Read on to find out!


Supercharging the Brain with Song and Dance!

Pairing language with movement – for example, singing while dancing – sets the stage for cognitive and kinesthetic learning. It has to do with how our brains work. We’ll try not to get to science-y, but in layman’s terms the gist of it is this. The left side of the brain is focused on logical and practical skills, like language. The right side is more focused on emotion and creativity. So when children are dancing along with a song, and the choreography is determined by the lyrics (even if both are really simple!), both sides of the brain start working together. While they’re having fun dancing and singing, they’re also developing their ability to use creativity and logic simultaneously!


Building Vivid Imaginations

Okay, so we have a quick exercise for you! It’ll only take a few seconds! Now, stand up, and pretend to be a raindrop falling from the sky. Next, pretend to be a snowflake falling. Last but not least, pretend to be a leave floating on the wind.

We’re guessing you felt a little goofy, but also had a fun, right? When you do this, you’re tapping into your imagination and artistic creativity. For kids, these types of exercises also helps them connect the outer world of movement and sound with their inner worlds of feelings and observations. It helps build the foundations of creative and expressive dancing. Dancing and playing games aren’t just for fun. They’re powerful early experiences in children’s developing artistic process.