Summer is the BEST: Ukulele Band Camp Update

Summer is the BEST: Ukulele Band Camp Update

It’s the peak of summer here in sunny northern California, and few things feel as summery for us as a bunch of happy campers playing music for their families on our outdoor stage. Today we want to give a big thanks to everyone who made our Ukulele Band Camp performance such a success! You guys are the best.



Our campers didn’t just play ukulele – though they did play soprano, bass, AND tenor ukuleles. They also played percussion instruments and sang!

It started with fun filled week of working on their rhythm skills, playing musical games, and making arts and crafts. New friends were made, old friendships grew stronger; it was one of our favorite weeks ever. And it ended with one of our favorite summer performances ever. This has just been one of the best summers Myriad’s had ever, and it’s because we have the BEST CAMPERS EVER.

I know it might feel a little over the top, but it’s hard not to be over the top when you love what you do as much as we do. Summer camps are awesome and we’re having a blast. Of course, it’s important for kids to continue their musical education year round, and continue building on what they’ve learned over the summer. That’s why now’s a good time to start signing up for our fall music classes! We can’t wait to see everyone again soon.