String Ensembles

Welcome to something special at Myriad! Here is the way to enrich your violin or viola journey.

Eligible students must be taking private lessons to succeed in these ensembles. Schedule a visit if you are not an existing Myriad Student, and our ensemble teachers will determine your placement in either the Silver or Gold Ensembles.

stringensembleSilver String Ensemble – Junior Levels
Saturdays 9:45 – 10:15 am

Gold String Ensemble – Intermediate Levels
Saturdays 10:15 – 11:00 am

Our Silver and Gold String Ensembles motivate our violin and viola students, as they develop refined ensemble skills alongside private lessons. This targeted smaller ensemble has many more benefits, going beyond the large orchestra or school band experience.

The beginning learning stages of violin and viola have unique challenges. Learning a string instrument is a complex process ~ it can feel arduous as a solitary instrument. These students do need their private lessons for targeted personal coaching–this is integral. However, this instrument needs context with small ensemble experience ~ this is the motivational component that makes everything click and stick! Students who play with others accelerate their learning. These students stay motivated for longer periods of time. These children will be more likely to cross over into the skillful “point of no return” – when violin and viola skills stay with them for a lifetime.

Here are the benefits to taking part in our rewarding Silver and Gold Level String Ensembles.

Improved intonation – the skill of playing in tune will soar forward with small ensemble playing. We are especially excited about getting faster, more proficient skills from the students

Motivating songs that sound great when combined with other parts. Its true in all musical ensembles – children and adults alike love playing in unison and harmonies with others – it’s a powerful experience every time! They will look forward to each practice – guaranteed!

This program will target your child’s strengths and areas for improvement more effectively than a large school orchestra or band program. We are working with music specifically for violins and violas in a small ensemble setting.

We know the repertoire that works! This is a special curriculum that gets more effective results more quickly. For example, your child will begin to play out more, making a full, more mature tone sooner in the beginning stages of learning the violin or viola. When children are given the opportunity to listen to others and match the sounds around them, it accelerates many of the ear-training, reading, fine-motor and fluidity skills they need on their instrument.

Improvisation exercises will also be a part of this class.

Students will be accompanied by their conductor, piano accompaniments and rhythm tracks as part of this ensemble experience

As performance season approaches, we combine Silver and Gold Ensembles on select songs to create a richer experience and sound. Students anticipate this time of year with excitement!