Spring Performances at Myriad

Spring Performances at Myriad

It’s Spring Performance Season at Myriad, and we want everyone to know that YOUR KIDS ARE AWESOME! Our first outdoor concerts took place over the last two weeks. We cannot overstate how proud we are of every single one of our students. Our teachers know how much work everyone put in, and it really showed in the performances. Thank you so much to every student who participated, and to every parent and family member who supported them on their journey to the stage. We love getting to see the progress your children have made, and to see how proud they are of themselves and how proud you are of them.

What makes us feel even luckier is that our spring performances are continuing this weekend! Kicking things off is our Elements of Nature Outdoor Spring Dance Showcase! That’s tomorrow, June 5th, from 1-430pm. It will be held on the beautiful grounds of the Congregational Church in Belmont. Like all of this year’s spring performances, it will be held outdoors and with social distancing, Our audience sizes are limited, but luckily we’ve got a talented professional videographer who will be filming for us. You and your child will be able to share their performance with friends and family who won’t be able to attend.

Following our Outdoor Spring Dance Showcase will be our second weekend of Spring Concerts. All of these performances will be at the special outdoor stage we’ve built at Myriad. All our students have been preparing with their teachers and are ready to put on the best concert for you! We can say with certainty after our earlier spring performances that the small audience creates an intimate, comfortable atmosphere that helps every child truly share their passion for music with everyone in attendance. It also helps them perform at their best, and showcase just how much they’ve learned over the past year.

We’re so happy our students are able to experience the rewards of our end-of-year events. We know how important the Spring Performances for their growth and sense of achievement. And thanks to you and your children’s hard work and dedication, we know this weekend is going to be wonderful.