Setting Up a Home Guitar Practice Space

Setting Up a Home Guitar Practice Space

(Wearing a nice suit when you practice isn´t required, but it does look pretty cool.)

Okay, we know some of you are thinking, ¨Gosh, Myriad´s blog sure talks about practicing at home a lot¨. And you´re right, we do! Because practicing at home is SUPER IMPORTANT. We cannot overstate how important it is. So we want to help make sure all our students´ home music practice is as productive as possible. For guitarists, setting up dedicated a guitar practice space is highly beneficial. Here´s how you can set one up at your home!

The Essentials

While sitting on the couch or the edge of your bed to practice can seem like a good idea, neither is great for having proper playing posture. And posture is key to playing as well as possible. When setting up your home guitar practice space, you should include the essentials for proper playing posture: a chair without arms, a music stand, and a footstool.

The (Recommended) Inessentials

You should probably invest in a tuner, if you don´t have one already. This will make getting your guitar ready to play a lot easier. These can be a little tricky to understand if it´s your first time using one, so feel free to ask you or your child´s guitar teacher to show you how it´s done! (They can recommend a good brand as well.)

A guitar stand isn´t super necessary, but we´ve found that having one´s guitar in plain sight and ready to go tends to result in more practice. Having your guitar hidden away in its case can result in it being forgotten until your next lesson – especially when you´ve got a lot on your plate with school, work, etc. So if you or your child struggles with forgetting to practice, we suggest purchasing a guitar stand. (As an added bonus, this allows you to show off how cool your guitar is when you have company.)

Set it Your Guitar Practice Space, and Play!

Once you´ve got everything together, all you need is to find a good spot for it in your home. This should preferably be a place free of distractions – so not in front of the TV. Keeping the area neat and clean also helps. Get everything arranged how you want it, and voila! You´ve finished setting up your home guitar practice space, and all that´s left is to practice, practice, practice!