Santa’s Toy Shop Celebrations!

Santa’s Toy Shop Celebrations!

Next week, Myriad Dance Academy’s classes will be enjoying our Santa’s Toy Shop Choreo Party Celebrations! These parties will be happening during your child’s usual class times, and these events are always the best when the whole class is able to enjoy it together. So we want to make sure that everyone attends!


From December 13th through the 18th, our classes are going to have some super special Santa’s Toy Shop surprises for our younger students. Our older students are going to have a lot of fun too though! We’ve got some awesome partner choreo-challenge games planned for them!


Additionally, along with the Santa’s Toy Shop Celebrations, our level 2 and 3 Dancers have their Secret Santa exchange! Please remember to keep gifts small (no more than $10) and bring them to class already wrapped. (We’ll have some extra gifts on standby, in case anyone forgets to bring theirs. No matter what, we’ll make sure that everyone is included! But try to remember your gifts!)


Lastly, Teachers Amanda and Mattea want to thank everyone for their continued dedication. And we want to thank Andrea and Mattea for continuing to inspire, motivate, and encourage their students and everyone else here at Myriad! You two are awesome!


So, everyone make sure your dancers show up to class next week ready for some holiday fun at our Santa’s Toy Shop Choreo-Party Celebrations! Festive and sparkly clothes are optional but super encouraged!