Red, White, and Black Ball Filming Event!

Red, White, and Black Ball Filming Event!

Our Black, White, and Red Ball Filming Event is coming up! 

We want to make sure that your dancers do not miss out on the fun. We have taken care of all the details, and we are excited to share what our dancers have been working on with you!

Myriad Dance Academy’s

The Black, White & Red Ball,

Week of March 

21st – 26th, 2022

What is the Black, Red, and White Ball?

This event is a film teaser for our upcoming spring showcase, which will be announced soon, after the date and venue have been secured. Stay tuned- we are close to finalizing these details! Dancers will come to their regular class March 21st-26th, where we will be filming short clips of their choreography for the Spring Showcase. This filming event will take place in our studio with a fun backdrop, lights, and costumes. Families will enjoy seeing the work-to-date in our film teaser, and students will benefit from watching themselves in their film ‘short’. Keep your eye out for our edited video teasers to follow, end of March / beginning of April.


Parents, it’s so important that your child attends!

Dance events are more fun and successful when classmates are all together! Consistent attendance is critical leading up to our March Filming Event and our Spring Showcase. Every Dancer matters, as choreography is reliant on team-work and spacing. This is the time of year when we really need everyone in attendance. Your classmates are counting on you, and you are important to the success of your class!


Virtual Students

If your dancer is still attending virtually, please do allow your dancers to attend onsite, so that the spacing and choreography will work in our dance studio. All dancers and teachers are safely masked, with our Medify Air Purification System in all classrooms and lobbies.

Virtual Students: Please call our Admin Team at 650-574-2844 to let them know you will be attending on-site classes moving forward. 


Basic Attire / Costume Touches for filming event. Simple & easy!

We have attached a document below with the information that you need for costumes, shoes, and hair. Myriad will provide simple costume effects in our film from Myriad’s costumes that we have onsite. Dancers will receive a separate costume for the spring showcase.


Teachers Amanda & Mattea thank everyone for their continued dedication! Let’s have fun in the coming weeks!