Mini Piano Plus

Smart First Piano Class for children ages 4 ~ 5. This is the place where your child gains smart foundations in piano skills, plus much more…This is where piano plus music foundations begin to soar!


DIRECT-ENROLL to save your spot in these popular classes by just clicking the Register button. QUESTIONS? For a quick response, fill in our REQUEST MORE INFO form below, so we can prioritize YOU! Tell us more about what you are looking for. We look forward to learning more about you and matching you with quality music classes. Our students come from San Mateo, Burlingame, Foster City, Belmont, San Carlos, Redwood Shores, Millbrae and area.

We welcome you and your child to this unique class, where we teach piano to the whole child, with activities that activate all senses, in a vibrant, alive classroom environment! Piano lessons for our special little ones is so much more than it was when we were children. Best piano education practices have evolved over the years. Be a part of the modern piano movement that holds your child interest at this amazingly diverse, foundational instrument.

Meet Myriad’s Featured Music Lesson Students.

Learn what they love about Mini Piano Plus!

Myriad Music SchoolPiano is THE #1 INSTRUMENT that provides the best foundation for all musical knowledge, enhancing the eye / ear / brain functions needed to play well and understand other instruments too. Therefore, Mini Piano Plus classes truly are the best next step! Our Mini Piano Plus students are playing educational, adorable songs on the piano with the added bonus of ukulele introductions and overall musicianship, including literacy, ear-training and music theory. They can name all the instruments of the orchestra, and identify important piano & orchestra composers around the world.

Give your child a musical gift today, connecting them with other students in this clever, collaborative environment. We learn the piano in a way that is adapted for young children’s smaller hands. Most importantly, these students are learning to play the piano plus exploring the other elements essential to smart musicianship. In addition, these children become musically literate, reading rhythmic and staff notation.

Consequently, they jump into our school’s piano teams or piano lessons full of confidence, enthusiasm and an ability to feel and express the music with their whole being. We teach piano to the whole child, with activities that activate all senses, in a vibrant, alive classroom environment. Remarkably, these children will be musicians for a lifetime!

“I like playing the piano and playing the clock game.”

~ Brixley F, Age 5

This class is the perfect, smart piano class, with so many additional perks!  Small Classes in San Mateo

Piano is the one instrument that teaches everything one needs to know to learn any other instrument. This is the most important foundational instrument for all musicians.

As a bonus, your child will also be introduced to the ukulele, a small stringed instrument, a wise first step before learning guitar or violin. This teaches children another coordination skill, and a different music notation system.

MINI PIANO PLUS for children ages 4 – 5 years old is a pressure-free class which prepares children with the skills they will need to succeed in piano first, along with the added bonus of ukulele- prep, offering a window into future guitar or string instrument instruction. Here, your child will begin the process of playing the piano, while reading music, notes and rhythms, on several other bonus instruments. These lucky students are receiving a rich, well-rounded experience, with the piano as the primary, central focal point.

Explore our ‘Myriad TV’ Piano lesson clips children watch between classes, to practice alongside their teachers at home.

Mini Piano Plus graduates learn how to read notes and rhythms

Our imaginative props, large scale staff and floor keyboard set the stage for literacy. As a result, reading music and creating rhythms is memorable and so much fun! These weekly activities build the knowledge needed for reading notes on the staff, or interpreting rhythmic symbols. Upon graduating from our Mini Piano Plus classes, these students confidently jump into our school’s piano, instrument and / or vocal programs with readiness, full of knowledge, ear-training skills, enhanced eye-hand coordination and refined fine-motor skills. Consequently, ability and long-term retention in future piano / music lessons at our school is high. Therefore, strong results year after year show our families and our teachers that these Mini Piano Plus classes plant the seeds for years of pianistic and musical success!