Our Programs

Enrollment is on-going! It is never too late to join our music or dance lessons and classes. Register online today. If you do not see a class time listed on the program page, it means that class time is full. For personal assistance or to join our wait list, call our Arts Administrators at 650-574-2844.

Deciding Between Programs? To make an age-appropriate choice, setting your child up for success and a frustration-free experience, go to the “Choose By Age” drop down menu.

We offer smart choices for parents looking to give their children positive, successful action steps in their music and dance classes! Programs for Adults too!

Year-Round Enrollment Programs:
All Private Music Lessons
Piano Teams & Guitar Teams

10 Month Enrollment Foundations Programs (with optional 6-week Summer Programs):
All other programs.

  • Dance Academy – Fun Dance Classes in our new beautiful Dance facility with a great new curriculum, and talented, university-trained dance instructors!
  • Private Lessons – for Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Violin, Viola, Voice, Trumpet, French Horn, Flute, Clarinet, and Saxophone
  • Piano Team – The perfect foundations class to building confident piano skills!
  • Violin Team – The perfect foundations class to building confident violin skills!
  • Guitar Team – The perfect foundations class to building confident guitar skills!
  • Kids’ Ukulele Band – The perfect next step after Young Musicians Level 3 Dulcimer curriculum! Physically easier than the guitar for small hands, yet with all of the same, solid foundations. A year or 2 in Kids’ Ukulele Band will make the guitar a breeze when your little guitar enthusiast is just a little older to really grasp the guitar coordination. Lots of fun after the Young Child curriculum!
  • Children’s Chorus & Glee Singers– Children in our choirs gain confidence, informed technique, stronger voices, and improved self-esteem through song!
  • Young Musicians – Looking for that age-appropriate, fun class to get your young child ready for piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin lessons, singing and reading music?
  • Super Star Young Musician Classes – Children 5 1/2 to 7 can join us for an action packed, joyful, and skillful class, featuring the 3 most important areas of complete musicianship: Piano Lessons, Ukulele Lessons & Mini-Glee Singers!
  • Preschool Music– This class is the stepping-stone pre-school aged children need to be able to understand the foundations of all basic musical concepts. A special curriculum written by the knowledgeable Myriad Directors.
  • Adult Ukulele Jam – For all levels – strummers and pickers alike! A fun evening for all – learn your favorite tunes on one of the easiest instruments to learn! 2 levels available for beginners and more advanced players.