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Enrollment is on-going! It is never too late to join our music or dance lessons and classes. Register online today. If you do not see a class time listed on the program page, it means that class time is full. For personal assistance or to join our wait list, call our Arts Administrators at (650) 412-6322.

Deciding Between Programs? To make an age-appropriate choice, setting your child up for success and a frustration-free experience, go to the “Choose By Age” drop down menu.

We offer smart choices for parents looking to give their children positive, successful action steps in their music and dance classes! Programs for Adults too!

Year-Round Enrollment Programs:
All Private Music Lessons
Piano Teams & Guitar Teams

10 Month Enrollment Foundations Programs (with optional 6-week Summer Programs):
All other programs.

Music For All Ages

Music For All Ages

We offer smart choices for smart parents looking to give their children a positive, successful experience in their music classes and private lessons. Programs for all ages: Kids, Teens, Adults and Preschoolers too!

Dance For All Ages

Dance For All Ages

Classes for all ages & levels. This is the perfect cozy, non-intimidating, environment for dancers to create something special together – a quality dance program that is a great fit for kids, teens and adults!

Summer Camps and Classes