Now she practices voluntarily everyday

Now she practices voluntarily everyday

Dear Simone & Keith,

Thank you very much for sending my daughter Elena the personalized warm message. This means a lot to her. Thank you very much for the encouragement. We like the music school a lot. It’s a nurturing environment with good teaching philosophy and method, and it’s fun.

Elena has been learning violin with another studio before we switch her to Myriad. We are very glad that we made the switch. She was frustrated when she was with the other studio. Practice seems to be a torture for her. Now she practices voluntarily everyday. I think that the clear homework assignment sheet and tracking system did some magic to some extent.

Of course, the teacher makes a big difference. We like teacher Jeremy. He is very detailed. He pays attention to every note. He tries different ways to introduce techniques to kids and find the very one suitable for individual student. He makes class fun and keeps kids engaged. His homework assignment is always very detailed and clear. We are very fortunate to have Jeremy as Elena’s teacher.

Our overall experience with the school is very happy. The front desk staff are very nice and helpful too. They always reply emails on time.

Ann (Elena’s Mom)