Myriad’s Black White & Red Ball!

Myriad’s Black White & Red Ball!

Myriad’s Santa’s Toy Shop Celebrations have been absolutely wonderful so far! And that’s got us extra excited for another holiday event we’ve got planned for all our dancers. It’s just two months away, so we’re already preparing for it! It’s going to be classy, it’s going to be fun, it’s going to have even more sparkly than usual! It’s Myriad’s Black, White & Red Ball!


Starting February 14th, and continuing through to the 19th, our Black, White & Red Ball is going to be an extra classy mid-season Dance Celebration! The stage will be set with lighting and special effects. Our dancers will be looking their dapper best in top hats and black, white, and red tutus. It’s going to be a February dance event to remember!


Check out this video to learn more!


And stay tuned, because February’s event is a choreography teaser event for our Annual Spring Showcase – which will be returning to the big stage in 2022!