Myriad offers the perfect environment for children to explore music

I think I have stumbled upon only a few real jewels when looking for great activities for my children. I have tough standards when it comes to paying for extracurricular enrichment; I take into consideration knowledge, professionalism and facility.

My son, Mateo, started at Myriad about 5 years ago and continues to appreciate what he has learned. When my daughter Talia wanted to take music we knew Myriad was the place. These teachers embrace their gift with passion and love to share it with our children.

When I share my thoughts on Myriad my first words are if you are going to teach your child anything in the arts, choose a place that teaches with passion.

These teachers are musicians who are passionate about their gift. I believe everyone can teach what they know, but only a few have the desire to share their experiences and complete that task with true enthusiasm. In our busy home, we appreciate a professionalism and organization. Myriad keeps us informed of everything in timely manner. I usually have to ask the question before the information is given. Not at Myriad, information is given before the question even pops into my head. Finally, a place that is one step ahead.

A clean, spacious and organized facility puts my mind at ease. Myriad offers the perfect environment for children to explore music. I like to know that when the kids are away from me they are in a healthy and safe place, learning what they love. Myriad offers that to all.
– Kim