Music Pedagogy and Why it Matters

Music Pedagogy and Why it Matters

At Myriad, we believe in the importance of continuous learning and growth. And that extends to our teachers as much as our students! That’s why this fall, our teachers will be holding a series of pedagogy meetings. Trust us, it’s a lot more interesting than it sounds!

What is pedagogy?

In a nutshell, pedagogy is the science of the methods and activities of teaching. It incorporates the experiences of teachers with the latest research to help teachers teach more effectively.

Why does it matter?

In our pedagogy meetings, our teachers will be discussing the latest strategies, techniques, tools, and games in music education. It’s a time for us to share our knowledge, learn from each other, collaborate, and grow as individuals and as a team. This helps our teachers to be reaching their full potential as music educators, which helps our students to reach their full potential as music learners!

Music education is steeped in tradition, but we know the importance of building on the past and looking to the future. That’s why we place such a high importance on making sure our teachers never stop learning how to be the best teachers they can be! And we believe that’s one of the things that makes Myriad special.