Music Lessons Help Treat Stress and Depression

Music Lessons Help Treat Stress and Depression

When it comes to the human brain, music lessons are one of the best medicines. Studies have continually shown that listening and playing music helps treat stress and depression. It’s not only listening to music that has a positive effect on stress and depression. The Namm Foundation has compiled a comprehensive list of benefits of music lessons. These include reducing stress on both the emotional level and the molecular level. Studies have shown that adults who play music produce higher levels of Human Growth Hormone (HgH) which is a necessary hormone for regulating body composition, and muscle and bone growth.

For children, learning music increases the plasticity of brain helping to motivate the human brain’s capacity in such a way that it responds readily to learning, changing and growing. Professor James S. Catterall analyzed the academic achievement of 6,500 low-income students. He found that, by the time these students were in the 10th grade, 41.4% of those who had taken arts courses scored in the top half on standardized tests. Compared with only 25% of students who scored in the top half on standardized tests. The arts students also were better readers and watched less television. This goes to show that in the formative stages of life, kids who study music do much better in school. We see the benefits of music lessons for our students every day. Find out about our seasonal promotions here. 

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