Learning Styles: A Quick Guide

Learning Styles: A Quick Guide

Are you familiar with the idea of different learning styles? Different students learn best in different ways. Myriad’s Super Star Young Musician classes are carefully crafted to give kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learners opportunities to experience the lesson through their strongest learning style. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand these three basic learning styles, and how they effect music learning!


Visual Learners

Visual learners (also known as spatial learners) have an aptitude for learning through observation. If they can see something done, they can do it. This can mean watching their teacher demonstrate the correct finger placement for a guitar chord. Or it can mean watching a video guide to moonwalking on YouTube. Visual learners can memorize the choreography of a dance by watching it performed. By seeing the way their teacher moves their fingers along the frets of a guitar, they can learn how to play notes and entire songs. Students who are strong visual learners also tend to have an easier time learning to read sheet music.

Kinesthetic  Learners

Kinesthetic learners (or tactile learners) prefer to learn by trying things themselves. They like lessons that involve movement and activity. Kinesthetic learners are often energetic, and can’t wait to dance and play their instruments. Proper posture, rhythm, and hand-eye coordination are just a few of the important musical skills that kinesthetic learners both enjoy and excel at learning.

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners like to learn by listening. Children who are auditory learners have an easy time following verbal instructions and reacting to audio cues. They’ll quickly recognize notes and melodies, and tend to have a knack for quickly memorizing the words to songs after just a few listens.

When a child experiences success through their dominant learning style, they gain confidence and their ability to learn is accelerated. Incorporating a variety of learning styles into our classes also helps children develop an aptitude for learning styles they might not have a preference for. Myriad’s teachers and classes encourage children to grow in their ability to learn through all modalities.

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