Jimi Hendrix Gives Advice for Aspiring Guitarists

Jimi Hendrix Gives Advice for Aspiring Guitarists

“Sometimes, you are going to be so frustrated you want to give up the guitar – you’ll hate the guitar. But all of this is just a part of learning, because if you stick with it, you’re going to be rewarded.”- Jimi Hendrix

This is a great quote because it describes something that every guitarist goes through. There will be a certain degree of frustration. There will be tough days. What matter though is staying patient, staying motivated, staying disciplined, and working through it. Trust us – it’s worth it!

One Step at a Time

When you’re learning a challenging song, you can always break it down to smaller sections. You don’t have to play the entire song every time you practice. That can even become counterproductive, and make you so frustrated that, as Jimi Hendrix said, you’ll want to give up the guitar. So first, if you need to, take a little break. Wait until you’re ready to get back to work.

When you’re feeling a little better, here’s what you can do. Instead of trying to play the whole song in one go, start by identifying the challenging spots and practice them mindfully so you can get past the biggest obstacles. Slow it down to where you have an easy time moving your fingers to the right places and playing the right notes. It’s okay if you even spend days on one section – just keep at it. Keep working on the challenging spots until you can play them with ease. You can continue through the entire song like this until you’ve got it down.

Just Have Patience and Keep Practicing!

Learning to play guitar is a journey, and at times it will be a challenging and frustrating one. But like Jimi Hendrix said, that’s just a part of learning. And here at Myriad we have many, many tools in place to keep that frustration to a minimum. The best advice we have is to keep working. If you practice regularly and follow your teachers’ practice tips, you will begin to see how fun playing guitar can really be. Jimi Hendrix knew what he was talking about!