I’m very pleased with the Young Child classes

We’ve taken the toddler summer class, Music for Young Child I and now Young Child II. I’m very pleased with the Young Child classes under the Kindermusik program offered by Myriad Music. The class my daughter attends is in San Mateo at Palm Dr. The children learn notes as a sound, sight reading and by placing markers on a chart, they learn to actually make their own music that they can play. Each year they learn a different instrument, eg, now she is learning glockenspiel which is pre-piano. Then they have pre-wind instruments on a recorder, etc. Each class is fun and they sing and have games geared toward their lesson. I think it’s a smart, less stressful way to learn music. That said, I myself have no experience learning music.

Also, Myriad is accommodating with makeup classes.

– San Mateo Mother’s Club Mom