How to Practice Guitar and Ukulele at Home

How to Practice Guitar and Ukulele at Home

Whether you’re a beginner with the guitar or ukulele, or if you’ve been playing for years, practicing at home is always going to be important. It’s one of the keys to a lifetime of musical enjoyment. To help you keep your practices fun and focused, we’ve made this quick guide on how to practice guitar and ukulele at home!

1.Make your home practice time a routine!

Create a practice schedule, and play at the same time at least 5 times a week. It doesn’t have to be 3 hour marathon sessions; what’s important is consistency. Even just 10 minutes makes a difference!

2.Avoid distractions!

Put away your phone and laptop, unless you’re using them to help you practice. Get away from the TV, and tidy up your practice space if you need to. Make sure your practice space is free of anything that can draw your focus away from your guitar.

3. Use good playing posture!

It’s easy to ignore this one when you’re alone. But proper playing posture is a thing for a reason! It makes you play better! So make sure your posture’s right before you start playing. Back straight, shoulders down and relaxed, and head up – don’t let your neck crane forward over your instrument! It can be helpful to do some light stretching or warm-ups before you practice – for a lot of students this makes maintaining proper posture easier and more comfortable.

4. Follow all your teacher’s instructions!

At Myriad, our teachers provide our students with instructions on what to do when practicing at home. This can include everything from finger placement, to practice tempos, to song selection. One of the best parts about having a great guitar teacher is that they have the experience to know the best path for you to get where you want to be with your guitar playing.

5. Learn new material thoroughly before moving on to the next section.

Sometimes you might be learning something you’re not super excited about. And that’s okay! It happens to everyone. And when this happens, it’s so easy to want to move on to the next assignment, the next song, etc. But don’t let your excitement for what you’ll be learning later distract you from what you need to be learning now! Playing guitar is a complicated skill that takes time and dedication to master. By having the dedication to really take in every song and assignment you have, you’re building the foundation you need to become a great musician.