How to Deal With Pre-Performance Jitters

Myriad Music and Dance concerts are this weekend! It is easy to feel nervous but here are some tips and tricks on how to deal with pre-performance jitters. When calming your nerves when facing pre-performance jitters, it’s important to remember that nerves are a natural part of the process. To calm your nerves, start by taking deep breaths and focusing on your breath. Visualize yourself performing confidently and successfully. Engage in positive self-talk, reminding yourself of your hard work and preparation. Stretch or engage in a brief physical warm-up to release tension from your body. Practice mindfulness techniques, such as meditation or grounding exercises, to stay present in the moment. Surround yourself with supportive and encouraging individuals who can provide reassurance.

When faced with high-pressure situations, it’s essential to have strategies on how to calm your nerves and deal with performance jitters so that you can perform at your best. Start by taking slow, deep breaths to activate your body’s relaxation response and lower anxiety levels. Remind yourself of your capabilities and past successes, boosting your confidence. Positive self-talk can help shift your mindset from doubt to belief in your abilities. Break down the task at hand into smaller, manageable steps, focusing on one thing at a time to prevent overwhelming yourself. Visualize a successful outcome and imagine yourself navigating the pressure with ease. Engage in activities that promote relaxation, such as listening to calming music, practicing mindfulness or meditation, or engaging in light exercise. Prioritize self-care, ensuring you get enough rest, eat well, and maintain a healthy lifestyle overall. Remember, pressure is an opportunity to showcase your skills and rise to the occasion, so embrace it with a calm and composed mindset.

Finally, remember to embrace the excitement and channel your nerves into a positive energy that fuels your performance. Make sure to use these tips this weekend at the Myriad Dance concerts when you are trying to remember how to deal with pre-performance jitters.

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How to deal with pre-performance jitters